Polk launches Dolby Atmos soundbars MagniFi Max AX and Max AX SR

Polk launches Dolby Atmos soundbars MagniFi Max AX and Max AX SR equipped with Polk's patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology.

The new soundbar is designed to bring entertainment to life thanks to 11 drivers with dedicated center channels, upward-firing drivers and Polk’s patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) technology. This should provide a multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound and create a large soundstage that should fill the entire room. Both models have wireless subwoofers. The difference between the two models? The Magnifi Max AX SR comes with two wireless surround speakers. Other than that they are identical.

“Building on Polk’s 50 years of speaker design experience, the MagniFi Max AX and MagniFi Max AX SR are Polk’s best soundbars to date,” said Frank Sterns, Director of Polk Audio. “Thanks to Polk’s patented Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) and Voice Adjust technologies, the MagniFi Max AX and MagniFi Max AX SR fill any room with exceptional sound, without a speaker overload. Add in built-in wireless music streaming and you have the ultimate all-in-1 entertainment hub.”

The Polk MagniFi Max AX and the Max AX SR are both equipped with a downward-firing 10-inch subwoofer that can be connected wirelessly to the soundbar. The extra surround speakers with the Max AX SR are the Polk SR2 Wireless Rear Surround Speakers with a suggested retail price of 199 euros. Are you not buying the Max AX SR, but the regular model? Then you can also upgrade later and buy the surround speakers.

The soundbar is equipped with various movie, TV and music modes that you can set with the push of a button. The bass response and clarity can also be tuned. There is a special night mode to mute the bass, so that you won’t wake any sleeping roommates in the evening and via VoiceAdjust you can make voices come out more.

Stream music

For music streaming, Polk both soundbars are equipped with Wi-Fi streaming via Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect and all music services that are compatible with Alexa. Bluetooth is also supported and you can combine the soundbars within a multi-room music system.

The Polk MagniFi Max AR and MagniFi Max AR SR feature three inputs and one output for high-speed 4K high-bandwidth HDMI connections with input switching. Connect the soundbars to game consoles, Blu-ray players, streaming devices and more. You can connect it to the TV via HDMI eARC or ARC with the included HDMI cable; you can connect older devices via the optical input. After connecting, the soundbar will work with most TV remotes, although a remote control for the soundbar is also included. You can immediately see any adjustments you make on the OLED display. You can place the soundbars in front of the TV or mount it on the wall.

Price and availability

The Polk MagniFi Max will cost 799 euros. The MagniFi Max AX SR with the two surround speakers has a suggested retail price of 899 euros. The soundbars will be available from October.