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Polk Audio Reserve speaker series – news fairaudio

The American manufacturer Polk Audio has announced a real “board” for hi-fi and home cinema fans with the reserve speaker series: There are no fewer than nine new models: two bookshelf speakers, three center speakers, three floorstanding speakers – and a ceiling spotlight for effects.

Polk Audio Reserve Series

If you are looking for a full-fledged and sustainable (5-year guarantee) home cinema experience, you should find it here: The Reserve series has certificates for Imax Enhanced, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. But with the high-res certification, classic stereo fans should also get their money’s worth.

The converters that are also used in the popular and successful Polk Legend series are installed. There are also a number of series-specific new developments, including in the area of resonance-optimized housing construction.

Polk Audio ring radiator and Turbine Cone midrange driver in a detailed view (not to scale)

Despite the down-to-earth prices, Polk Audio treats the speakers of the Reserve series to a few delicacies: for example the Pinnacle ring radiator for the high frequency range. It comes with a special waveguide, which has a particularly homogeneous radiation behavior and effectively suppresses unwanted resonances due to its damped rear chamber, according to the press release.

For the midrange, Polk relies on drivers with a specially shaped cone – the shape should do more Stiffness and damping can be achieved without additional mass.

An “X-Port technology” developed by Polk Audio, in turn, uses a closed tube system to absorb unwanted port and housing resonances. The loudspeakers are available in black with immediate effect, some loudspeakers in the series are also expected to be available in white from June / July 2021.


Bookshelf speakers:

  • Polk Audio R100: 549 euros
  • Polk Audio R200: 749 euros

Floorstanding speaker:

  • Polk Audio R500: 1,299 euros
  • Polk Audio R600: 1,599 euros
  • Polk Audio R700: 2,199 euros

Center speaker (unit prices):

  • Polk Audio R300: 449 euros
  • Polk Audio R350: 549 euros
  • Polk Audio R400: 649 euros

Polk Audio R900 height module: 549 euros


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