Polk Audio Monitor XT: The affordable speaker series

Polk Audio Monitor XT: The affordable speaker series launches.

The company Polk Audio, founded in 1972 and now part of the Sound United umbrella brand, has announced a new speaker series that has been designed for hi-fi and home theater purposes and comes with affordable prices.

Polk Audio Monitor XT in detail

Polk’s Monitor XT series comprises eight new models: two bookshelf speakers, two floorstanding speakers, a normal center and one in slimline format, an active 12-inch subwoofer and, last but not least, a height module for surround sound. And yes: the series is Hi-Res Audio certified and Dolby Atmos compatible.

Among other things, Terylene dome tweeters are used, which play well beyond the audible range, efficient woofers in combination with fast-reacting passive membranes, but also – according to Polk Audio – carefully tuned crossovers.

Family photo: The members of the new Polk Audio Monitor XT series

The dedicated height module has been specially designed for the Dolby Atmos and DTS: X formats and can be placed as an up-ringing loudspeaker either on the XT20 shelf loudspeaker or on the floorstanding loudspeakers. Alternatively, it can be wall-mounted as a direct radiating loudspeaker.

The passive loudspeakers are complemented by the Monitor XT12 active subwoofer. It is driven by a class AB amplifier with an output of 100 watts, the lower limit frequency of the system is specified as 24 Hertz. The crossover frequency, level and polarity of the Polk Monitor XT12 can be set on the sub, thus ensuring individual adaptation to the installation location and the loudspeakers used. All models in the series are available now.

Prices (pair prices, unless otherwise stated)

Bookshelf speakers

  • Polk Audio XT15: 179 euros
  • Polk Audio XT20: 249 euros

Floorstanding loudspeakers

  • Polk Audio XT60: 399 euros
  • Polk Audio XT70: 599 euros


  • Polk Audio XT30: 149 euros (each)
  • Polk Audio XT35 (Slimline): 279 euros (each)

Polk Audio Xt90 (height module): 199 euros
Polk Audio XT12 (active subwoofer): 329 euros (each)