Polk announces Signature E-series home cinema speakers

Signature E-series
Polk launches the Signature E series this week. This consists of floor, center and bookshelf loudspeakers with which a complete home cinema can be set.
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Polk launches the Signature E series this week. The series consists of floor, center and bookshelf loudspeakers with which a complete home cinema set-up can be set up. Compared to the original Signature series, a number of changes have been made, such as better performing drive units, in combination with new crossover topology and improved crossover components.

Polk Signature E series

The new Polk Signature E series consists of the S60e , S55e and S50e floorstanding loudspeakers; the S35e and S30e center loudspeakers; and the S20e, S15e and S10e bookshelf speakers. The appearance played an important role in the design of the Signature E series, according to Polk. The new range has round shapes and gilded accents for a tough look. The series is available in black walnut or winter white.

The top model, the Polk Signature S60e pillar loudspeakers, have 2.54 cm Terylene high resolution tweeters that can deliver 40 kHz. The S55e and S50e offer the same performance as the S60e suction loudspeaker. The S55e is also equipped with two 6.5 inch midrange drivers and the S50e with two 5.25 inch drivers. Other features include a four-driver (S60e and S55e) and three-driver (S50e) with tapered crossover frequencies for a lively sound field; anti-diffraction grilles for a perfect fit and minimal noise disturbance; and double gold-plated five-way connection points for easy installation.

Polk’s center channel speakers S35e and S30e are designed to provide full-range sound for movies and music. Both the S35e and the S30e have a 1 inch high resolution Terylene tweeter for sharp, clear high frequencies and mica-reinforced polypropylene mid-bass drivers, six 3-inch horns (S35e) or two 5.25-inch horns (S30e). Just like the pillar loudspeaker, the S35e and S30e center channels are sensitive and powerful and can be easily combined with most receivers. The S35e has a six-driver setup, while the S30e has a two-driver setup. Both are equipped with magnetic anti-diffraction grilles and gold-plated five-way connection points. In addition, the S35e can be used as a left, center or right loudspeaker (L / M / R) and can be attached to the wall horizontally or vertically using the built-in keyholes.

The bookshelf loudspeakers from the Polk Signature E Series, S20e and S15e, are suitable as front or rear speakers for every 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 home theater setup and have a single 1 inch Terylene tweeter. Each speaker also has a single mica-reinforced polypropylene horn, varying from 6.5 inches (S20e) to 5.25 inches (S15e). With Power Port for authentic bass impact and simple wall mounting, the Signature E-Series bookshelf speakers can also be used as a stand-alone monitor or as the ideal base for a powerful home theater system.

The S10e Surround Speakers from the Polk Signature E series have a single 1 inch Terylene tweeter and a mica reinforced 4 inch polypropylene horn for low distortion. The S10e surround speakers feature Power Port for improved bass response and correspond to the floor standing and bookshelf speakers from the Signature E series. Wall mounting is a piece of cake with the existing threaded bush or key holes.