Pokémon Go update : Go Beyond – More Pokémon and increases the maximum level

Pokémon Go update : Go Beyond - The new update of Pokémon Go offers more Pokémon and increase the maximum level
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Pokémon Go update : Go Beyond: The developer has in one recently published blog post all changes announced for Pokémon Go. The update is called Go Beyond, and for good reason. Where the maximum level used to be 40, players can now go up to level 50. This should provide an extra impulse for players who have been stuck at level 40 for a while and perhaps less the need to keep playing.

Pokémon Go update : Go Beyond – More Pokémon and more levels

Players who reach level 40 or higher before the end of the year will receive a special bonus from Niantic. Players still playing at a lower level will see some improvements that streamline the level up. For example, all types of players must have a reason to continue catching Pokémon. But in some cases this can also be a reason to pick up the game again. Furthermore, Niantic is making updates to a number of important aspects, such as Pokémon encounter and capture, Adventure Sync, Buddy Adventure, Field Research, and gifts.

Pokémon Go will also get a Season feature. Each quarter, a new theme will be presented for the game. Niantic has announced that existing in-game events will continue to exist, but can be linked to the theme of such a season from now on. Basically nothing needs to change, but the way in which something is presented can be different. For example, on December 1, the Season of Celebration will start and all events associated with it are dedicated to Pokémon from the Kalos region (from the games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y).

This also means that Niantic will add a lot more Pokémon from Kalos in the coming period, which is a great way to get people excited about playing Pokémon Go again. The Mysterious Raid Egg will also take place between 2 and 8 December. Which Pokémon exactly is in the egg, that is not clear at the moment.