Plex Media Server issues on Nvidia Shield TV issue have finally resolved

Plex Media Server issues on Nvidia Shield TV issue have finally resolved. The latest update from Plex Media resolves the issue faced by Nvidia isers.

Plex Media Server issues resolves: The Plex Media Server is a useful functionality that owners of an Nvidia Shield TV have been using for quite some time now. With the server on your media player, you don’t need an external NAS or computer to view content. However, the server’s functionality had been broken for a while, but now those problems are coming to an end.

Update for Plex Media Server issues on Nvidia Shield TV

On the forum of Nvidia and the forum of Plex you can read more about the problems that have arisen lately. Some Plex Media Servers suddenly decided to stop working and in many cases it was unclear why this happened. Many users have tried different things: logging out, clearing the cache and many other solutions. However, nothing seemed to help.

Despite this, the solution was quickly found by the team. Because what turned out: the app was no longer able to update automatically. And it is not clear why this happened. The effect was clearly visible: gradually more and more users were faced with the same problems. Many users report that the problems surfaced late last year and have persisted until now.

Good to know in this story is that the Plex Media Server’s app is a different app than the Plex application, with which you view the content. Both apps receive updates through the Play Store, Android’s download store. If you want to fix the problems, check if you have version or higher on your media player. If not, download the update quickly.