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Plex is currently testing integration with Apple TV application

Plex and Apple TV: Plex is currently testing integration with Apple TV application. Many services are already participating this service.

Plex appears to be working better with the Apple TV application. One of the better aspects of that app is that you can watch a lot of content in one place, regardless of the software or video streaming service. Many services are already participating, including Disney + and Amazon Prime Video.

Plex and Apple TV

Over the weekend, a tweet appeared online from a person using Plex in beta. In his tweet, he says that the latest version of the beta, released via test platform Testflight, offers support for the Apple TV app.

The company itself has not announced anything. However, it seems that when support launches, we will also find our content from Plex in Apple TV’s lists. Consider, for example, the recommendations that the application makes.

If you only use the software to manage your own content, then we have less good news. The man on Twitter also reports that his personal library is not consistently presented. This could mean that Plex will mainly present the content that it offers through its free video streaming service.

We are now waiting for an announcement from the company behind the popular media management environment. If you want to try out the integration, then you have to sign up for the beta. It is not clear when this version will be launched for everyone.


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