PlayStation Wrap-Up Shows Personal Game Stats 2020

PlayStation also introduced a new feature that is called PlayStation Wrap-Up which can show you history what you played in the year 2020
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After the well-known Spotify Wrapped, there is now also a variant for gamers. With PlayStation Wrap-Up you can now see what you played in the year 2020. It’s a bit late for a look back, but better late than not at all. The statistics apply to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Wrap-Up

All your 2020 game stats are in the PlayStation Wrap-Up. Think about how much time you have spent on the Sony console (s) or which trophies you have collected together. Which games you have played most often and how much time you play on average per weekday is also included. It also explains how many hours you spent in offline and online games.

At least, when it comes to PlayStation 4, the statistics are very extensive. For the brand new PlayStation 5 that does not apply. Here you can see statistics such as how many hours you played your most played game, how many trophies you earned specifically for PlayStation 5 and how many hours you spent on PlayStation 5 at all in 2020.

PSN account

Curious about your game performance in the year 2020? For this you must comply with the following rules:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You have a PSN account
  • You played at least 10 hours of games on PlayStation 4 in 2020

If this applies to you, Sony will email your PlayStation Wrap-Up to you. If you can’t wait for that, you can also visit the special Wrap-Up site. You can also download a special dynamic theme for that for PlayStation 4.

Nintendo Switch overview

Sony is not the first game company to come up with an annual overview. Previously, Nintendo already made it possible for gamers to use their Switch overview of 2020 to watch. Sony is very late to come up with an overview of 2020: after all, it is already February. Why this launch date for PlayStation Wrap-Up was chosen is unknown.

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