No more PlayStation 3 and Vita from this summer: TheGamer

PlayStation Store closing doors on old consoles? The rumor according to TheGamer is that No more PlayStation 3 and Vita

As it currently stands, owners of a PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable will no longer be able to make digital purchases from the PlayStation Store from this summer. Sony is reportedly closing digital doors of that online store. Sources report this to the game website TheGamer.

PlayStation Store closing doors on old consoles? No more PlayStation 3 and Vita

The first platforms where the PlayStation Store will soon no longer be accessible are the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable (PSP). The PSP is the first handheld from Sony, which at the time competed with the Nintendo DS handheld. Closing will likely take place on July 2. The PlayStation Vita, Sony’s second handheld, will no longer be able to download from 27 August.

Sony has not responded to the rumors and has not yet released anything about this possible change. However, it is not surprising that Sony is closing its doors on the aforementioned platforms. The PlayStation 3 has now received two successors, in the form of the PlayStation 4 and of course the PlayStation 5 launched last year. The number of gamers who are still actively playing on this device will probably be too small to justify maintenance.

For the PSP it also seems to be a logical choice. That handheld has also received a successor. However, the PlayStation Vita is still Sony’s most recent handheld, but the question is how many people are still actively gaming on it. If the rumors are correct, then of course Sony is not doing that for nothing and the company is also not doing it to make things difficult for people. We are now waiting for a response from Japan.