PlayStation Now games downloadable from later this year

PlayStation Now
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A new rumor has appeared about the PlayStation Now subscription: PlayStation Now games downloadable from later this year. That would make Now look more like Xbox Game Pass, a subscription that lets gamers download games to their game console.

Rumor: PlayStation Now games downloadable

There is now a rumor about the game streaming service PlayStation Now. Later this year, Sony would make it possible for the games on the service to be downloaded to a PlayStation 4, so that the games can be played without much pressure on the internet connection. Now it is still the case that those games are constantly, in their entirety, streamed from the servers of Sony, while you do not even have to install anything. You choose a game and you can start gaming almost immediately after streaming has started.

The new function for PlayStation Now has to appear in September of this year and is called offline functionality in the corridors. Whether your games can actually be played offline is not clear; probably there must be a constant connection to the internet. It would also be that this only applies to the PlayStation 4 games that are available for the service, not the older titles. That would make Sony the service much more like the Xbox service we know as Xbox Game Pass.