PlayStation 5 games are region free – Sony announced

The PlayStation 5 will be available from November 19. According to an extensive FAQ online,PlayStation 5 is region free.
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The PlayStation 5 will be available from November 19, which is why Sony has put an extensive FAQ online, containing important answers. According to the source, PlayStation 5 games and PlayStation 5 is region free.

PlayStation 5 is region free

In the recently published FAQ is a lot of information that was not yet known about the PlayStation 5. The mountain of information contains a number of interesting things, which will probably allow you to play even more games on the PS5 than you previously thought. For example, Sony has announced that the console is region-free. And that means you can play games from all regions on one and the same device. Do you want to import a game from Japan or the United States? What are you paying attention, because this generation can do that.

It sometimes happens that certain games are only launched in certain regions. Or that a special edition is only available in Japan, while we are behind the net here in the Netherlands. Those problems are a thing of the past with the PlayStation 5, since you can import those games and play them on the console you have at home. The Nintendo Switch, for example, is also region-free and that has already cost a considerable amount on the response with special releases that are only launched in the United States.

In addition, it is revealed that the PlayStation 5 supports the game streaming service PlayStation Now. That means that you can play even older games on your current hardware, although you will need a subscription to that service (a 9.99 euros per month). This way you can not only download and stream certain PS4 games, you can also play PS3 and PS2 games on your new game console. So if you missed some games, chances are that you can still experience those games on your new PS5.