PlayStation 5 controllers unfortunately have a drift problem

The drift Problems with PlayStation 5 controller has been reported. Many gamers and gaming websites are raising their voices in this unfortunate issue

The news of the PlayStation 5 controller drift problem was first shared by game site Kotaku. Many gamers have made themselves heard on social media, where they share their findings. Several examples have appeared online. That’s how we see a player from Immortals: Fenyx Rising suffer from a camera that very slowly revolves around his character.

Problems with PlayStation 5 controller

Another example comes from a player who notices his crosshair inside Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War constantly deviates. Both players show in clear videos that their fingers do not come close to the analog bat that is responsible for this.

Unfortunately, the problem cannot be solved just like that. Of course, you should always contact Sony in situations like this as you are simply entitled to a new controller for your brand new PlayStation 5 game console. You will find a page for repairs, but many players report that it all takes way too long for customer service to respond. You will also find the following text at the top of the screen.

We are currently experiencing delays in the repair process for PlayStation products. You can continue to use the advice in the Fix & Replace tool, but keep in mind that shipping your device may take a little longer than usual in case a repair is needed. For the latest information you can consult this link:

While it is very annoying that gamers now suffer from drift issues, it is not a new problem for them. For example, many Nintendo Switch controllers, especially the Joy-Cons, also suffer from the same problems. Nintendo does solve the problems, but it has since resulted in several lawsuits. Now the question is whether this will cost Sony a lot more effort and money than now.