Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player: A new high-level omniscient

Pioneer UDP-LX800
Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player. The new UDP-LX800 is the flagship of the omnivores of Pioneer and swallows almost all current digital discs.
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Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player. This new Universal Disc Player called UDP-LX800. The new UDP-LX800 is the flagship of the omnivores of Pioneer and swallows almost all current digital discs up to a diameter of 12 centimeters. Pioneer has, in its own words, paid a lot of attention to the mechanics and electronics of the UDP-LX800, so that the best possible picture and sound quality can be achieved. In October, the UDP-LX800 should find its way to the store.

Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player: new flagship

The new UDP-LX-800 is the new reference according to the Japanese Pioneer when it comes to image and sound quality. The device can play 4K UHD Blu-ray discs and sacd’s but of course also DVDs and CDs. According to Pioneer, every aspect of the player has been carefully viewed and designed to provide an uncompromising user experience. | Read also: Pioneer brings UDP-LX500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player to Europe

Pioneer UDP-LX800: mechanics

A normal CD runs a maximum of 500 laps per minute, but a UHD Blu-ray disc can run up to 5,000 revolutions per minute. This therefore requires a reliable and vibration-free running gear. Pioneer has divided the UDP-LX800 into three separate sections so that vibration as well as electromagnetic interference is kept to a minimum. The steel top plate is one millimeter thick. The bottom plate is three millimeters thick and together with the aluminum side plates the whole provides a stable cupboard. There are no holes or grids in the top or sides. The advantage is that no dust can enter the cabinet and no running noise from the cabinet.

The running gear is placed in a honeycomb frame finished with anti-vibration paint. Load mechanism and running gear have a suspended suspension. The UDP-LX800 weighs 13.8 kilograms. The user only hears the music and not the player, according to Pioneer.

Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player

Pioneer UDP-LX800: electronics

All parts have been carefully selected and tested before they could become part of the UDP-LX800. The power supply transformer is heavy and shielded by a copper-plated steel housing. The motherboard is designed for the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio. The analogue circuits are derived from the PD-70AE SACD/CD Player the flagship of Pioneer when it comes to playing audio discs. The new UDP-LX800 also has two eight-channel dac chips on board of the type ES9026PRO.

The UDP-LX-800 can also be put into running mode when using an HDMI output. In this case, all analog electronics are switched off. The HDMI signal should benefit from that according to Pioneer. It is also possible to optimize the UDP-LX800 for sound reproduction. In the “Direct Function” mode, all the picture circuits are switched off and the display of the CDs and CDs should benefit from this.

Pioneer launched UDP-LX800 Disc Player: connections and functions

The new omneter has two HDMI outputs . Image and sound can each be sent over a private exit. The user can choose from analogue cinch or XLR outputs. Those who want to use an external DA converter have a coaxial and an optical output. The player is suitable for playing 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. There are four preferred settings for the most common types of displays (including “LCD TV,” OLED TV “and” Projector “) with automatic detection of SDR / HDR signal. Dolby Vision Low Latency Compatible as well as 36-bit color depth are supported. The icing on the cake is a remote control with key lighting.

Pioneer UDP-LX800: price and delivery information

The Pioneer UDP-LX800 is on the market in October for a price of 2,200 pounds sterling. It is only available in black. The price for the Netherlands has not yet been announced, but on a German-language website we saw a price of 2,300 euros.