Philips TV Brings Titan OS Smart TV Platform to Televisions

Philips TV brings Titan OS smart TV platform to televisions - The new paltform from TP Vision is about to launch on upcoming Philips TVs

TP Vision already showed the Titan OS smart TV platform last September as a new, own platform. So, it is not unique. Titan OS is, in fact, a technology, entertainment, and advertising company, which today announces the launch of its activities and, thus, the introduction of an independent European operating system for smart TVs. At the same time, the organization is also introducing its Titan advertising division.

TP Vision and Titan OS S.L. are entering a strategic partnership after working closely on TVs running on the existing Linux platform. The new Titan OS operating system will be integrated into Philips and AOC TVs in Europe and Latin America. The new operating system will be introduced in Europe in the short term through two mid-range models, the PML9009 mini LED set (The Xtra – Ambilight TV) and the PUS8909 premium LED model (The One – Ambilight TV). Both models will be launched on the market in the first half 2024.

According to TP Vision, the operating system will give TV owners access to an extensive list of premium applications, channels (including FAST), and app content. There are agreements with global and local partners, including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, Pluto TV, and DAZN, among many others.

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