Philips launches OLED907 and OLED937 with Ambilight Next Generation

Philips launches OLED907 and OLED937 with Ambilight Next Generation. Both models are equipped with various features that make the an attractable offer.

Philips OLED937

The absolute top model for 2022 – 2023 is the Philips OLED937. This model is equipped with a soundbar developed with Bowers & Wilkins and is available in a 65-inch and 77-inch version. Only the 65-inch model is equipped with a OLED.EX panel from LG, which achieves a slightly higher brightness compared to previous generations of panels. TP Vision speaks of a light output of up to 1,300 nits.

The P5 AI Intelligent Dual Engine chipset is also present this year, equipped with various AI functions. Thus, one has an advanced HDR feature that optimizes HDR performance by framing content frame by frame, rather than averaging scene by scene. Also this year, all HDR formats are supported, including Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10 +.

The Bowers & Wilkins sound system has also been improved, featuring left and right-facing drivers for the first time to deliver a 5.1.2 channel experience. The power has also been increased to 95 watts.

For the gamers among us, the OLED937 offers G-sync and Free-sync Premium compatibility. In addition, the dedicated on-screen game settings bar plus a new VRR Shadow Enhancer feature are designed to optimize game performance for the panel’s refresh rate. Android TV 11 is available as a smart TV platform.

In terms of design, the OLED937 features a thin metal frame and a slim sound bar below the screen. The speaker enclosure is still integrated as part of the TV stand and now features Kvadrat Audiomix cloth on both the top and front, with perforated satin metal speaker grilles at each end. A new remote includes motion-controlled backlighting, a silver finish and a Muirhead leather-wrapped back.

Philips OLED907

A small step lower we see the OLED907 back. The main difference with the OLED937 is in the speaker. With the OLED907, this is integrated in the set.

Furthermore, the specifications are largely the same, although the OLED907 will be on the market in a 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch version. The 55-inch and 65-inch models are equipped with the sixth-generation P5 AI processor, a OLED.EX panel with a brightness of 1,300 nits and Ambilight Next Generation. However, the OLED907 has Ambilight on three sides, while the OLED937 also has an LED strip on the bottom.

The Bowers & Wilkins onboard audio system is a 3.1-channel system with 80 watts of power and six front-mounted drivers that fire directly at the listener in a dedicated left, center, right (LCR) arrangement. According to Philips, this offers an extra wide sound image. Bass is provided by a large rear-mounted subwoofer supported by four passive radiators.

The design includes a centrally mounted flat metal swivel stand, finished in satin chrome. At the same time, the discreet sound enclosure runs the full width of the bottom of the set, which is finished with Kvadrat Audiomix cloth.

Ambilight Next Generation

The OLED937 and OLED907 are also the first TVs with Philips Ambilight Next Generation technology. Instead of dividing the rear-mounted LEDs into groups, the technology now allows individual control of each LED for a wider range of colors and a more accurate match to the image on the screen.

A new Aurora screen fill feature combines a gallery of preloaded images and videos displayed together with Ambilight to create a multimedia art show in the background of your living room.

Price and availability

The Philips OLED907 will be available in September in 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes. The 65-inch and 77-inch OLED937 OLED TVs will also appear in the same month. Prices will be announced later.