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Philips Hue introduces new table lamp, track lighting and more

Philips Hue introduces new table lamp, track lighting and more. Philips Hue track along with others going to hit smart home market with a bang

Philips Hue has announced several new products, including a portable table lamp, track lighting, a new Philips Hue Signe Gradient (oak wood) and wellness effects. For example, with the Signe Gradient you can now wake up with a lively Sunrise and wake up peacefully. It can also be personalized with the app.

Perifo track lighting

Signify, the brand behind Philips Hue, comes with the first fully customizable track lighting with its own range of lamps. It is about Perifo and this is a new line within the Hue range. There are all kinds of separate rail elements that you can fit together to create a rail that comes into its own in your interior.

You choose the layout and the lamps (spots, hanging lamps and light bars) yourself and these use direct wiring or a socket. This lighting will be available at the end of this summer from 49.99 euros (with a maximum of 599.99 euros).

Portable Hue Go Table Lamp

Another new gadget – and quite an eye-catcher – is the first portable, rechargeable lamp designed for indoor and outdoor use, namely the table lamp. The silicone handle makes and its light weight makes it easy to move the device. The battery life is also 48 hours, so you can use it both during the day when working, and in the evening until the late hours outside at a garden party.

There are various light scenes to choose from for the perfect atmosphere, or the perfect reading lamp effect. This one will also be available at the end of the summer, for a price of 149.99 euros.

Philips Hue Tap dial switch

With the new Philips Hue switch in sleek black or white you can intuitively dim the lamps by turning the knob of the switch. You can also set scenes and select rooms with the four buttons.

Intuitive dimming works like this: the faster or slower you turn the knob, the faster or slower your smart lighting dims or brightens. It can be used as a ‘light button’ and as a remote control. This new switch costs 49.99 euros and is available from now on.


Philips Hue wants to focus on well-being and is doing so with a new wake-up automation. It allows you to mimic a sunrise however you want for a more natural awakening. You achieve that with the new Signe Gradient lamp: a kind of upright fluorescent tube, but with the colors and the power of LED that we are used to from Signify’s popular smart home brand. The new style of lighting has a colorful transition from blue to soft orange light to mimic the sun.

You will find ‘sunrise awakening’ in the Philips Hue app under the ‘Wake Up’ tab under ‘Automations’ for Hue Bridge users and the ‘Routines’ tab for Bluetooth users. You can adjust the awakening styles in terms of duration and time. This applies to all gradient lamps, so not just the brand new oak lamp that Philips is now introducing. The new oak Signe Gradient lamp is now available for a suggested retail price of 239.99 euros for the table model and 349.99 euros for the floor model.


In addition, Philips also announced a new member of the Xamento series: a heavy recessed spot that can handle up to 350 lumens in millions of colors. A ceiling light has also been announced that goes up to 2350 lumens in millions of colors. Both are dimmable and the ceiling lamp in particular determines the look and feel of your bathroom, as you can see in the photo below. The spots are now available for 79.99 euros each or 219.99 euros for 3 pieces. The ceiling lamp is already available and costs 219.99 euros.