Philips Duet oled TV with premium audio system leaked

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Today is the leaked Philips TVs. Earlier today we already reported on the OLED903, a new OLED TV with integrated soundbar. Now it is the turn of the Duet, also an OLED TV but with a unique audio solution. Just like the OLED903, this model has surfaced on the iF Design Award website.

Philips Duet oled tv

The Philips Duet seems to be the first-ever premium OLED TV from TP Vision. Although it is not confirmed on the iF Design Award website, we are talking about the first Philips TV with Bowers & Wilkins audio system. The collaboration between Philips and Bowers & Wilkins was announced earlier this month.

The unique feature of the Duet is its design and the audio system adapted to it. This TV has narrow speakers that can be magnetically connected to the sides of the TV. The subwoofer is included in the standard, below the screen. On the website of iF Design Award we see the following text:

Just as in a duet performance the DUET a TPV newly created TV has two essential elements, sound stick and woofer base. Both are wrapped premium fabrics and warmth and comfort. The sound stick itself contains the soundtrack of the soundtrack and also offers 360 degrees of sound experience to deliver the finest sound to surround your home. The masterly craftsmanship or solid aluminum frame that merges seamlessly with the sound stick underlines this product the truly special setting. DUET together with OLED brings out a premium experience and sound feast that lets the users feel as if they are in front of a live performance.

Looking at the image it still looks like a prototype. So we see the name TPV on a leather label under the screen and the Philips logo nowhere comes back. The TV has taken over some features from the DesignLine series launched in 2013 and this model may therefore be a continuation.

Having said that, it is not clear whether this model will see the light of day (in this form) in the short term. We wait until the presentation at IFA 2018, in September.