Philips brings cheaper OLED 706 and 705 OLED TVs

Philips brings cheaper OLED TV series to the market which are OLED706 and OLED705. both models should appear on the market before the summer
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Philips brings cheaper OLED TVs: Yesterday, TP Vision presented the Philips 2021 TV line-up, including two new OLED TV series. The OLED806 series and OLED856 series are fully featured televisions, with the latest generation P5 processor, 4-sided Ambilight and full HDR support. This year, however, Philips is also adding two cheaper models to the range.

Philips brings cheaper OLED TVs – OLED706 and OLED705

The OLED705 is one of those cheaper models and we know it from last year. At that time, this OLED television would already appear on the market. That did not happen and so the TV is on the list for 2021. The OLED705 is accompanied by a model that is intended for this year: the OLED706.

The OLED705 and OLED706 series both come in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes and have the 4K resolution. The OLED706 is the most comprehensive of the two. This series comes with the P5 AI processor, HDMI 2.1 ports, Android TV 10 and a 50 Watt audio system. The OLED705 has to make do with last year’s P5 processor, HDMI 2.0 ports with eARC and Android TV 9. The devices in both series are equipped with three-sided Ambilight.

Price and availability

TP Vision indicates that both models should appear on the market before the summer. The prices will be announced at a later date.