Philips and Georg Jensen develop PUS9104 LCD TV series

Philips PUS9104
Together with Georg Jensen, Philips has developed the new Philips PUS9104 LCD LED TV series. The series is dedicated to the use of high-quality, natural materials and the user-friendly of products.
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European Design is a term that Philips has been using for a while, but today the company is coming up with a real design television. Together with Georg Jensen, the manufacturer has developed the new Philips PUS9104 LCD LED TV series. The series is dedicated to the use of high-quality, natural materials and the user-friendly of products thanks to the role of light. The design of the TV is still being changed, but this model shows which side both companies want.

Philips PUS9104-series

The 9104-series is equipped with the Ambilight-system from Philips. Here, series of LEDs are processed on three sides of the back of the TV. Ambilight projects a constantly changing halo of colors on the wall that matches the colors on the screen. The images on the screen are extended beyond the limits of the device.

Georg Jensen is known for craftsmanship, especially in the field of silver and polished steel. The craft processes and choice of materials were influenced by the ‘blue light’ in the north of Denmark, a phenomenon that the company tries to process in the finishing of their metal products. In the 9104-series these light elements come together through the use of Ambilight, polished steel and glass.

The foot of the 9104 strikes, a reference to the design of Georg Jensen’s traditional household articles. Because of the slim silhouette it looks like the TV is floating. One leg has a Philips logo, the other of the Georg Jensen logo. The bottom of the TV is finished with a high-gloss steel edge, while the sides and top are made of glass. This must enhance the Ambilight effect. The design has been extended to the back of the 9104 which is also partly made of glass and where the most important parts are incorporated in a matte blue housing. A reference to the color palette of Georg Jensen. The remote control is also finished in polished steel and has the Philips and Georg Jensen logo.

In addition, Philips has ensured that the image and sound quality of the 9104 matches the high-quality design. The new TV features the P5 Perfect Picture engine, the Micro Dimming Pro system and the Perfect Natural Motion system. The panel has a wide color gamut and is equipped with Super Nano LED technology, in which a layer with 1 nm nanoparticles absorbs light waves to display bright colors, particularly at wide viewing angles. Furthermore, the TV comes with the 4K Ultra HD resolution, HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG), Android TV as a smart TV platform, 16GB of internal events and support for voice operation through Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The audio system is a 50 watt system with a forward-facing bass speaker that is supported by two passive speakers. These provide the bass, while two downward-facing speakers provide the high and mid-tones.


The Philips PUS9104 series is available in a 55- and 65-inch version from spring 2019. The design will be changed before that time.