Paradigm will launch Founder series: A premium Founder speakers

Paradigm Launches its Premium Founder Series, Premium Founder Speakers, in April which are completely redesigned from current design and technology.

Paradigm introduces the Founder series. The new series of loudspeakers are not only existing technology in a new jacket, but have been completely redesigned. From drivers to the mounting material and from the complete housing to the feet.. The Founder series is built on three pillars, namely precision, control and dynamics.


The precision consists of the drivers in the new series. For example, the Founder series uses an Aluminum Magnesium Ceramics (AL-MAC) High-frequency driver in which the tweeter dome of the Founder is made lighter and stronger with a combination of aluminum, magnesium and ceramic material. This should provide a natural resistance to uncontrolled resonances. The Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG) Midrange driver also combines aluminum and magnesium to improve realism and accuracy. The Ultra-Long-excursion Carbon-X Unibody bass driver must maintain clarity in the lowest frequencies. The mineral-infused carbon fiber is cast in one piece. This ensures an ultra-stiff and ultra-strong bass driver that must maintain control even at the highest volumes in combination with the patented ART Surround.


In the pillar control, Paradigm has brought together various technologies for an optimal sound experience. There is Oblate Sherical Waveguide (OSW). This part is used in the tweeter and midrange drivers of the Founder series and ensures that less sound is leaked to the sides. As a result, coloring by reflective surfaces should occur less. The Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) lens protects the tweeter and midrange driver cones and ensures that all frequencies reach the listener’s ears simultaneously. Also at a greater distance. Cascade Fusion Bracing ensures that the output of the drivers is free of coloration. The speaker enclosure is ultra-rigid, so it is free from unwanted resonances and vibrations. The Advanced Shock-Mount system reduces distortion. This system has been developed for both the mounting hardware for the drivers and the cabinet feet and must ensure that no vibrations are transmitted. Finally, ARC Genesis stands for Anthem Room Correction. This new version is used to eliminate the negative effects of the environment and maximize performance. For example, a cleaner and more accurate sound must be offered in every listening environment.

Founder Series Dynamism

The last pillar is dynamics. Paradigm acts from the quote: “Power is nothing without control”. It’s not all about loud, it’s about dynamism. In a live performance you not only want to hear the loud sounds, but also the soft passages. And that of course without distortion. Paradigm has designed all driver components of the Founder series for maximum power handling and high output without distortion. The various parts must be able to reproduce demanding pieces of music or intense action scenes without difficulty. All models in this series can also be bi-amped or bi-wired to make the most of the power. For example, the flagship model has an internal 1000 Watt amplifier that powers the three bass drivers. This leaves the system’s power amplifier free to control the mid and high tones with less effort.

The Founder Series Premium Loudspeakers

The series of speakers are all available in four different finishes, namely black walnut, walnut, black high gloss and midnight cherry high gloss.

  • Founder 40B Monitor speaker – € 1,349 each
  • Founder 70LCR Left / Center / Right channel speaker – 1,899 euros each
  • Founder 90C Center channel speaker – $ 2,999 each
  • Founder 80F Floorstanding speaker – 2,199 euros each
  • Founder 100F Floorstanding loudspeaker – 2,999 euros each
  • Founder 120H Floorstanding hybrid speaker – € 4,799 each

The first delivery of the Founder series is expected in April. Look here at the Paradigm dealer list for a dealer in your area.