Panasonic RZ-B100W: True wireless in-ear headphones

Panasonic launched its new head-phone model, Panasonic RZ-B100W: True wireless in-ear headphones for the price of 79.99 euros only.

News from Panasonic: With the RZ-B100W, the well-known manufacturer sends one True wireless in-ear headphones at the start, which has all sorts of features at a down-to-earth price.


The in-ears are splash-proof according to the IPX4 standard and equipped with the dual-connect system, which not only ensures optimal synchronicity via Bluetooth (5.0 SBC / AAC), but also flexible use: For example, it is possible to Active use of only one earbud while the other is being charged. The in-ears also allow the use of voice assistants.

Available in both black and white: the new Panasonic In-Ears RZ-B100W

Also on board is a bass system that sends an extra portion of bass into the ear canal if required. Panasonic is also proud of the – according to the press release – ergonomic shape and the low weight of just five grams: the RZ-B100W should sit comfortably and securely in the ear right away.

Panaosonic states that the battery runtime is four hours, which can be supplemented by twelve hours using the supplied charging case.

RZ-B100W price: 79.99 euros