Panasonic TV line-up for 2021 with JZW2004 top model presented

Panasonic presented the Panasonic TV line-up for 2021 with JZW2004 top model. This article will tell you detail about launch date and price of each model.

Panasonic TV line-up for 2021 : In January of this year, Panasonic presented its new flagship OLED television during CES 2021: the JZW2004 series. In addition to the absolute top model, Panasonic is also bringing a number of new models to the market, including the JZW1504 series with OLED panel and various LCD LED models.

Panasonic TV line-up for 2021

Panasonic is fully committed to the best image quality in 2021, according to the company itself. Movies should be displayed as the creators intended, for the most optimal viewing experience. This year, the viewing experience for sports, gaming and streaming will also be further improved.

In the field of OLED, Panasonic is marketing four models. In addition to the JZW2004 series introduced in January, the Japanese manufacturer comes with the JZT1506 series, JZW1004 series and JZW984 series. The last three series are available in 65- and 55-inch sizes and new for 2021; 48 inch. As with the JZW2004 series, the colors of these handsets have been tuned by Stefan Sonnenfeld, who is founder and CEO of Company 3.

In recent years, Panasonic has focused its technical know-how and expertise on developing clear OLED screens in the form of the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition screens. In the past, these were reserved for the top models. In 2021, however, Panasonic will equip both the JZW2004 series and the JZT1506 series with the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition screens.

All new OLED TV series are equipped with the new HCX Pro AI processor. This processor enables the Auto AI picture mode. Auto AI detects what content is being watched – movies or sports, for example – and then automatically adjusts the image and sound quality accordingly. Auto AI mode is a standalone picture mode, so you can still manually select settings.

The new OLED TVs have Game Mode Extreme. This mode limits the input stroke for a TV. Furthermore, all OLED models will support AMD FreeSync Premium.

Just like the HZW2004, the JZ2004 comes with speakers on top of the screen, which point towards the ceiling and should offer a Dolby Atmos experience. In addition to the upward-firing speakers, side-firing speakers have now also been added. According to Panasonic, this provides a special 360 ° surround experience.

Panasonic TV line-up for 2021 : Panasonic 2021 LCD LED TVs

In addition to new OLED models, Panasonic has announced two new LCD LED TV series for 2021. These are the first models for this year. Later, according to Panasonic, we can expect even more new models. The now announced LCD LED TVs are JXW944 series (75-inch, 65-inch, 55-inch, and 49-inch) and JXW854 series (65-inch, 58-inch, 50-inch, and 40-inch ).

According to Panasonic, the JXW944 series is very suitable for sports and / or gaming enthusiasts. Just like the new OLED TVs, this new series is equipped with the HCX Pro AI processor. The TVs from this series can therefore automatically detect sports broadcasts and adjust the picture quality accordingly. Intelligent Clear Motion also ensures that dynamic action is displayed smoothly and without annoying vibrations. The TVs also have a clear HDR Cinema Display Pro screen of 120Hz with a wide viewing angle. The TVs also have support for Dolby Atmos and come with a new version of the flexible footrest design from Panasonic. When the footrests are placed in the outer position, the TV is slightly higher and a soundbar fits underneath. The new HCX Pro AI processor makes these TVs HDMI 2.1support functions such as High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). The JXW944 series also supports AMD FreeSync Premium.

HDR formats and My Home Screen 6.0

The Film Maker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, the mode that Panasonic introduced for the OLED models in 2020, will be supported up to the JXW854 series in 2021. HDR Dolby Vision IQ is supported by all OLED TVs before 2021 and the LCD LED TVs from the JXW944 series. Dolby Vision and the HDR10 + Adaptive format are supported up to the JXW854, along with HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma.

Game Mode Extreme will be supported up to JXW944 series, including 4K High Frame Rate (HFR) and Variable Refresh Rate. And in terms of sound will Dolby Atmos are supported up to JXW854 series.

All new models up to JXW854 series are equipped with My Home Screen 6.0, the latest version of Panasonic’s smart TV operating system. The user-friendliness of the new version has been significantly improved, according to Panasonic. With My Scenery you can choose a selection of soothing images and videos, or set your own, to suit their mood or the time of day. With the new On Timer function you can set a time when the TV switches on automatically. You can also select a favorite channel in advance or indicate which HDMI input you want to display.

With Dual Bluetooth Connection, the TV can simultaneously send sound to two separate Bluetooth devices. For example, children can simultaneously watch a movie with headphones, without parents hearing the sound of the movie.

All models up to JXW854 series support both the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Other new features include HDMI Signal Power Link that enables automatic power-on from standby and input switching, even for non-CEC compliant devices.

This year, Panasonic is also introducing a completely new remote control. Due to the rounded edges, it should be ergonomic and comfortable in the hand.

Panasonic 2021 TV line-up

Below you will soon find the complete Panasonic TV line-up for 2021, including all specifications. We will post this overview as soon as all specifications have been announced. The prices can already be found below.

Panasonic JZW2004 series

  • 65-inch (TX-65JZW2004): 3,799 euros (available in June)
  • 55-inch (TX-55JZW2004): 2,999 euros (available in June)

Panasonic JZT1506 series

  • 65-inch (TX-65JZT1506): EUR 2,999 (available in August)
  • 55-inch (TX-55JZT1506): 2,299 euros (available in August)
  • 48-inch (TX-48JZT1506): 1,899 euros (available in August)

Panasonic JZW1004 series

  • 65-inch (TX-65JZW1004): 2,699 euros (available in July)
  • 55-inch (TX-55JZW1004): 1,999 euros (available in July)
  • 48-inch (TX-48JZW1004): 1,799 euros (available July)

Panasonic JZW984 series

  • 65-inch (TX-65JZW984): 2,499 euros (available in July)
  • 55-inch (TX-55JZW984): 1,799 euros (available in July)
  • 48-inch (TX-48JZW984): 1,699 euros (available July)

Panasonic JXW944 series

  • 75-inch (TX-75JXW944): 2,499 euros (available in September)
  • 65-inch (TX-65JXW944): 1,599 euros (available in July)
  • 55-inch (TX-55JXW944): 1,199 euros (available in July)
  • 49-inch (TX-49JXW944): 1,099 euros (available July)

Panasonic JXW854 series

  • 65-inch (TX-65JXW854): 1,399 euros (available in July)
  • 58-inch (TX-58JXW854): 999 euros (available July)
  • 50-inch (TX-50JXW854): 899 euros (available in June)
  • 40-inch (TX-40JXW854): 749 euros (available in June)