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Panasonic launches JZ2000 series OLED TV with speakers on the sides

Panasonic launches JZ2000 series new OLED TV which has speakers on the sides equipped with HCX Pro AI processor with Auto AI mode.
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Panasonic launches JZ2000 series : Panasonic announced its flagship OLED TV for 2021 during the virtual press conference at CES 2021. The Japanese manufacturer comes with the JZ2000 (in some European countries possibly the JZW2004) OLED TV that has speakers on top of the TV and on the sides of the TV. In addition, this model comes with a new HCX Pro AI processor with Auto AI mode.

Panasonic launches JZ2000 series OLED TV

The Panasonic JZ2000 is the new top model from the Japanese manufacturer, although this model comes with many of the same specifications as the HZ2000 (HZW2004) series from last year. For example, it is still a TV with the 4K resolution, the peak brightness is the same as last year (with the Master HDR OLED Professional Edition screen) and all HDR formats are also supported.

Panasonic focuses with the new TV on the intensive gamer. The JZ2000 comes with Game Mode Extreme, which should ensure a lower input lag (14 ms) and support ALLM, VRR, and HFR. However, it is not specifically stated whether 4K120 is supported and whether HDMI 2.1 is fully present. Both things have yet to be confirmed.

Just like the HZ2000, the JZ2000 comes with speakers on top of the screen, which point towards the ceiling and offer a Dolby Atmos experience. In addition to the upward-firing speakers, side-firing speakers have now also been added. According to Panasonic, this provides a special 360 ° surround experience.

Also new is the HCX Pro AI processor with Auto AI mode. In the AI-processing part of the processor, this analyzed image is then compared to a library of diverse content in order to automatically optimize both the image and sound quality for that type of content.

And in addition to the existing HDR formats such as HDR10 +, Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ the JZ2000 series now also supports HDR10 + Adaptive. The new feature supports dynamic scene-by-scene optimizations according to the guidelines of the HDR10 + standard. Simply put, this means that each scene is adjusted for optimal viewing by looking at the light that is present in the vicinity of the TV. Panasonic has also added Intelligent Sensing to Filmmaker Fashion. This technology automatically adjusts the image based on the amount of ambient light.

Finally, the JZ2000 series is equipped with My Home Screen 6.0, the latest version of the smart TV operating system. My Home Screen 6.0 has been expanded with the ‘My Scenery’ function. This allows viewers to choose a selection of calming images and videos, or set some of their own, to suit their mood or the time of day. With Dual Bluetooth Connection, the TV can simultaneously send sound to two separate Bluetooth devices. The menu has also been improved to provide quick access to the most frequently used picture, sound and other settings. The JZ2000 series further supports major voice services, allowing users to control frequently used TV functions with their voice.

Price and availability

In March, Panasonic will announce all the details and the complete TV line-up for the Dutch and Belgian market will be announced. At that point we also expect the prices.

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