Panasonic and Samsung add HDR10+ to 2018 TVs

Panasonic and Samsung add HDR10+ , announced today via HDR10+ press releases to several 2018 TVs a firmware update for HDR10+.
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Panasonic and Samsung add HDR10+, it is announced today announced via HDR10+ press releases to several 2018 TVs a firmware update for HDR10+. This Panasonic and Samsung add HDR10+ means that the number of TVs that support the new HDR standard is expanding considerably.

Samsung does not know which models will receive an exact update, but the company does indicate that the majority of their own, in 2018 released TVs fully certified for HDR10+. The Korean manufacturer reports that there is a collaboration with other companies that support HDR10+, to help them develop tools and processors so that the TVs support HDR10+.

Panasonic does provide more information. The FXW604 series receives a firmware update that adds support for HDR10+ content. In addition, the televisions from the FXW704 series and higher are HDR10+ certified. This means that they have been tested by an externally authorized testing center and meet the high Hollywood standards established in collaboration with 20th Century Fox.

Samsung is the initiator of HDR10+ an improved version of HDR10+ dynamic metadata plays an important role. As with Dolby Vision, HDR10+ can optimize HDR playback per scene. The format has now been transferred to a joint venture called HDR10+ Technologies. Among others, Panasonic and 20th Century Fox have already joined. Amazon, Philips and Warner Bros support HDR10+ but are not part of the alliance.

Earlier Philips also announced to provide HDR10+ support with a large part of the TVs launched in 2018.


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