Panasonic 2018 oled TVs for sale in the Netherlands

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Panasonic has finally started selling its latest generation of OLED TVs. Panasonic 2018 OLED TV is available for sale in the Netherlands. The Japanese manufacturer brings the FZW954 series and the FZW804 series to the Netherlands. Panasonic launches its top model OLED TV for 4,499 euros in the market.

Panasonic 2018 OLED TVs for sale

Panasonic brings four OLED TVs to the Netherlands this year and keeps one model from last year in the range. The TX-77EZW1004, a 77-inch oled TV from last year, will be reduced in price to 14,999 euros this year. The new models in the FZW954 series, equipped with a soundbar, receive prices of € 4,499 (65-inch) and € 2,999 (55-inch). In the FZW804 series, the models without soundbar, the recommended prices are 3,999 euros (65-inch) and 2,499 euros (55-inch).

The televisions from both series are equipped with support for HDR10+. This HDR standard, which is also supported by Samsung, among others, has to compete with Dolby Vision. It is striking that the TVs do not offer support for Dolby Vision. The main difference between the FZW954 series and FZW804 series lies in the design and the audio system. The FZW954 models come, just like the EZW1004 models from last year, with a Dynamic Blade soundbar tuned by Technics. This soundbar has an output of 80 Watt and features a 20 Watt tweeter, a 20 Watt midrange driver and a 40 Watt woofer. The FZW804 models have to do with built-in speakers.

Also check out the Panasonic 2018 oled TV line-up. Different model numbers and prices apply to Belgium, although the specifications are the same.