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Overview: Smart speakers with Google Assistant

Which smart speakers with Google Assistant are currently available in the Netherlands? In this overview we look at smart speakers with Google Assistant from different companies, such as LG, JBL and Harman Kardon.

Google Home Mini

One of the cheapest ways to get in touch with a smart speaker is to buy the Google Home Mini. The Google Home Mini, along with the Google Home, was finally brought to the Dutch market in October . The smart speaker has a suggested retail price of 59 euros, but was even available for 25 euros during Black Friday.

The Google Home Mini has the same functions as the normal Google Home, but this does compromise the sound quality. The small speaker looks like a puck and logically you should not expect premium audio from this. Not that the sound is bad for the price, but a bass is virtually absent and the sound can sometimes sound a bit shrill. Operating the smarthome with the Google Home Mini works excellently, however, and playing the radio in the background is more than sufficient.

The lights on top of the speaker indicate when a voice command is being listened to and by tapping on the left or right side you can turn the volume down or up. Via a physical slider you can also switch off the speaker when you do not want to be listened to.

The Google Home Mini is certainly not the best smart speaker in the overview, but the one with the best price-quality ratio. Read full review of Google home mini is here.

Google Home

The speaker that started it all is the Google Home. The speaker will listen to you via ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Ok Google’, after which you can give a voice command. Whether you want to control the smart lights in your home, start a series on Netflix or are looking for the answer to a pressing question, the Google Home speaker will always be able to help you. The voice commands are received well, even when you are in another room in the house.

This full-fledged speaker offers relatively good sound for the price and is also smart. Anyone who is also smart and wants to buy this speaker regularly looks at offers for this speaker, because the regular Google Home can often be found for a much lower amount than the suggested retail price of 149 euros.

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JBL Link

JBL has released four speakers with support for the Google Assistant in the past year . The JBL Link 10 and JBL Link 20 are small portable speakers with a battery. In addition, JBL has also released two large speakers, the JBL Link 300 and the JBL Link 500. You connect these to the mains.

The JBL Link 10 and Link 20 are dust and splash proof, so you can take it anywhere. The battery of these models lasts about 10 hours. In fact, both models are nice Bluetooth speakers for the summer, but speakers that also support the Google Assistant. You can get them for 129 and 149 euros.

JBL Link Portable

Do you want to enjoy a 50W or 60W speaker at home and are you looking for full sound from your smart speaker with Google Assistant? Take a look at the larger JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 500. The suggested retail prices at launch were perhaps a bit too high for both models. The Link 300 went for 299 euros and the Link 500 for 399 euros. Prices have now fallen so far that you have to pay 199 euros and 249 respectively for both models.

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LG WK7 ThinQ

The LG WK7 ThinQ has been for sale in the market since November 2018 . LG has collaborated with Meridian Audio for this 30-watt speaker. You can link multiple speakers together for a multiroom setup. The LG speaker is praised for its good sound and the microphones pick up voice commands well. The LG WK7 ThinQ is available from 199 euros, but the slightly higher price compared to the regular Google Home can be justified by the better sound quality of this speaker.

The design may not be exactly what they are looking for in a smart speaker for some people. The speaker is almost 22 centimeters high and will not really disappear into your interior. The high round tube does not look very exciting, but the Google Assistant support is in any case fine. With a price of 199 euros, the LG WK7 ThinQ is an affordable alternative to the normal Google Home and is not without reason the winner of an EISA award in the Artificial Intelligence Loudspeaker category 2018-2019.

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Harman Kardon Citation

Are you looking for the best sound quality when it comes to a smart speaker with Google Assistant? Then you will soon end up at Harman Kardon. Place multiple speakers of this series for a multiroom setup. The Citation One is the direct competitor to the Google Home and LG WK7 ThinQ when it comes to price. For 199 euros, this model with 40 watts is yours. You can operate the speaker via WiFi or Bluetooth and, of course, with your voice via Google Assistant. For 299 euros you get the Citation 100 with a power of 50 watts. Both models have a touchscreen.

Harman Kardon Citation

The best smart speakers when it comes to sound, and also the most expensive speakers in this overview, are the Citation 300 and the Citation 500 with capacities of 100 watts and 200 watts respectively and an LCD color screen. The corresponding price tag is 399 euros and 649 euros. Are you looking for a smart speaker with Google Assistant that can also serve as a full-fledged audio device at home? Then be sure to check out the Citation 300 and the Citation 500.

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