Oppo patent shows phone with removable camera module

Technology is improving day by day and big companies want to stun customers. One of this effort, Oppo patent a phone with removable camera.

Oppo patent surfaced a phone with removable camera

Many smartphone manufacturers, such as the Chinese Oppo, mainly experiment with the camera parts on their phones. For example, the front camera is sometimes moved or processed in a pop-up element. There are also manufacturers who installed a so-called ‘flip-over camera’ on their smartphones. The camera on the back can therefore serve as a front camera, because you can fold up the camera module. But there are still plenty of ideas of course and you can see that from the patent this weekend surfaced.

Oppo, known from the Find and Reno smartphone lines, has filed a patent for a phone with removable camera. If you want to take a selfie or take the photo from a unique position, you can remove the camera module from your phone and do whatever you have in mind.

Oppo patent surfaced a phone with removable camera

The patent shows that the Oppo smartphone has a camera module with two cameras on board. In addition, the possible device has usb-c, nfc, wifi and bluetooth. The latter probably to stay connected with the module, but we can imagine that the manufacturer wants to use self-developed technology for this. It is not clear whether you are able to purchase other camera modules to replace your current module. That would of course be very nice and could encourage people to buy fewer smartphones.

One like the idea behind the Dutch Fairphone. That is a smartphone line where you can replace various parts, such as the battery, camera and screen, if they break or no longer meet your requirements. The phone you buy basically remains the same. Such ways of working can reduce the burden on the environment slightly, so this is definitely something Oppo should at least consider.

Unfortunately, as always, it should be noted that this is a patent. A patent is neither a roadmap nor a guarantee. We now have to wait until the company itself communicates more about this.

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