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OnePlus shows new concept smartphone: OnePlus 8T Concept

OnePlus shows new concept smartphone that takes inspiration from nature and combines this with “a limitless approach to interacting with devices
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This is the OnePlus 8T Concept

OnePlus shows new concept smartphone: The Chinese company OnePlus wants to position itself as more than a simple phone manufacturer. The company does this by presenting concept smartphones. Earlier we saw the Concept One come by and this time it’s the turn of the 8T Concept. This is a new smartphone based on the fine OnePlus 8T smartphone, which was released at the end of 2020. The new phone “takes inspiration from nature” and combines this with “a limitless approach to interacting with devices”.

These are beautiful words of course, but what do they mean in concrete terms? OnePlus has set itself the goal of making a smartphone that takes the user experience to the next level. The manufacturer is now trying to do this by using technology that could potentially have a positive impact in the future. The 8T Concept is the result of this, by realizing the aforementioned “natural interaction” between the user and the device. It still sounds a bit sketchy, so we’ll go into it a little deeper.

The smartphone uses ECMF: Electronic Color, Material and Finish. In this case, the result is glass on the back that changes color due to the metal oxide in it. When a certain amount of voltage is sent through, that glass changes color. This varies from dark blue to a light silver color. That technology is combined with mmWave sensing technology. The mmWave radio in the smartphone is able to emit and receive electromagnetic waves.

When the module receives electromagnetic waves, the digital signal processor (DSP) and the processor can convert that information into perceiving, portraying, locating and tracking objects around you. OnePlus calls that technology Reactive Sensing. This can bring several advantages. Think of displaying a specific color when you receive a call; and with a wave of the hand you can accept or ignore that call. This way you can operate your smartphone without touching it.

In addition, the technology on the OnePlus 8T Concept could be used as a kind of breathing monitor. The mmWave technology is capable of detecting the user’s breathing, allowing the phone to provide real-time biometric feedback by changing color (of course, you have to understand what those colors are). These are examples the company cites in a press release. At the time of writing, the editors of FWD have not been able to test and try this out.

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