OnePlus and Oppo merge hardware department

OnePlus and Oppo merge hardware department for future production of better smartphones. It is announced by the company officials.
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Not everyone knows this, but Oppo and OnePlus share a parent company: BBK Electronics. The Realme and Vivo brands are also included. So if you have noticed that phones from these manufacturers have started to look alike lately, it has to do with this. The phones of OnePlus in particular are increasingly similar to those of Oppo.

OnePlus and Oppo

Whether it has something to do with it is not clear. But recently Carl Pei left the company, leaving co-founder Pete Lau in charge. He is also responsible for the brand synergy between the brands mentioned above, excluding Vivo.

The news that the hardware departments have merged comes from DoNews. This already happened in December 2020, but now the process would be over. Perhaps this means that OnePlus will focus even more on a broader target group, possibly alienating the core target group. Whether that will happen is, of course, to see. DoNews writes that both brands are part of the Oga Group, which allows the three brands to work better together by merging R&D teams.

The brands’ R&D teams must work together in the same way as is already happening with Xiaomi and Redmi, insiders said. In any case, OxygenOS and ColorOS should keep the differences. However, whether this is also feasible in the longer term remains to be seen.

A OnePlus representative has opposite the editors of 9to5Google confirmed in a statement that the integration has taken place.

To better maximize resources and further position OnePlus for growth, we are in the process of further integrating some R&D capabilities within OPLUS, our long-term investor. OnePlus will continue operating independently and working to deliver the best possible user experience for existing and future OnePlus users.

Effects of integration

The effects of integration had been visible for some time, even when it had not yet been fully initiated. Thus, the OnePlus 8 Pro for example, terribly on the Oppo Find X2 Pro. In addition, the Nord N10 and Nord N100 quite like Realme and Oppo hardware.