OnePlus 9 Pro gets camera system from Hasselblad

OnePlus is usally known for its 'not very good' cameras but it looks like with OnePlus 9 Pro company has resolved the issue with Hasselblad system

It looks like the OnePlus 9 Pro is going to fix a known issue of the company, For example N10 5G, 8T and others.. Although the phones of the Chinese manufacturer are often rated well, it is always the case that the cameras are quite disappointing. Now a prototype has surfaced in a video from a YouTube video maker, showing the 9 Pro getting a Hasselblad camera system.

OnePlus 9 Pro gets a better camera?

The video clearly shows that the OnePlus 9 Pro has a long module with rounded corners, which contains four sensors. The logo of photo camera manufacturer Hasselblad is also clearly visible. At the time of writing, it is not yet known what the specifications of the cameras are.

The last time we encountered Hasselblad on a smartphone was with the Motorola Moto Z3. An add-on from the camera manufacturer is available for that phone, with which you could take great photos at the time. Unfortunately, the smartphone was not a real success. But that doesn’t mean that a partnership between camera and phone manufacturers doesn’t work. For example, Huawei has been successfully working with Leica for years.

It is also striking that the screen with edges that continue over the edge, ensure that the frame looks slightly different than we are used to. As a result, the buttons on the side are also slightly different. Since it is a prototype, it remains to be seen whether all these changes will be implemented.

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