OnePlus 9 features can be seen in photos: new design, different camera module

The leaked images of OnePlus 9 revealed OnePlus 9 features, looks, design, camera and other specifications of upcoming model.


OnePlus 9 may be seen in photos

The editors of Phone Arena  has published the first hands-on photos of what may be the OnePlus 9. The smartphone has been photographed in various ways, giving us a good impression of the device and OnePlus 9 features. Before we report more about the design, it is also good to look at what we can expect from the internal specifications.

OnePlus 9 features
                                                                                                                 OnePlus 9 (Curtesy: Phone Arena)


OnePlus 9 features

So it turns out that the device at least has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is going to get. This is the latest Snapdragon processor from the chip manufacturer. If this is correct, then that is no surprise – but it is nice to see that OnePlus immediately switches to the new processor. In addition, the model in the photos has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage space, which means that the thought is now that this is the basic model. We also see that Android 11 is supplied directly.

In terms of design, it is striking that again curved glass on the back has been chosen, just like with the OnePlus 8T. This time, they also opted for a rectangular camera module, containing three sensors. Notable are the two large camera lenses, which probably resemble the cameras used on the most recent iPhones for a reason.

The screen is flat and has a small hole for the front camera. That hole is at the top left. The resolution of the screen is said to be 2400 by 1080 pixels. It is also good to know that it is an OLED screen, with support for HDR and 120 Hertz. Other useful tidbits are the USB-C port on the bottom and the rubber edge for the SIM card tray. As a result, the phone may be waterproof (with or without a certificate).

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