One UI 3 update brings better user experience to Galaxy Tab S7

One UI 3 update brings better user experience. The One UI 3 software update offers lots to Samsung Galaxy users of tabs and smartphones.

The One UI 3 software update should streamline the ecosystem even more for users of the Galaxy Tabs and smartphones.

For example, it will soon be possible to share files or photos between your devices much faster. Want to transfer a photo from your Tab S7 to your new one Galaxy S21? The One UI 3 software update makes this possible in an instant. You can also easily continue surfing on your other device. Open the browser and click recent. Your last opened website on your tablet will be opened directly on your smartphone and vice versa. Of course you must be logged in to the same account on both devices.

Second Screen

When one screen is not enough, you can use the Second Screen function with this update. This is how you connect your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7 + to your laptop with Windows 10. Use Extend mode to connect to a Windows 10 PC and work with two different apps on each screen. Via Duplicated you can share apps or documents directly on the screen of your tablet.

Another feature that seems to be very useful for creative users is the Wireless Keyboard Sharing. This allows you to connect the Book Cover Keyboard not only to your tablet, but also to your smartphone. You can then quickly switch between the two devices. You can also use the touchpad to operate your smartphone. One last useful feature is Auto Switch for you Galaxy Buds Pro. This allows you to quickly switch between different devices without having to unplug them first.

Available now

The One UI 3 update brings various new and useful functions to the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 + that you seem to get even more out of in combination with a new smartphone from Samsung. Perhaps not all equally handy for the ordinary user, but if you also use this tablet for business or in your creative moods, they are nevertheless useful new functions. The update is now available for the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 +.

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