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Nvidia Shield TV update supports new Xbox and PlayStation controllers

New Nvidia Shield TV update, Upgrade 8.2.2, make it possible to supports for two new Xbox and PlayStation controllers
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Nvidia Shield TV update: It is now possible to download the Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2.2 for the different versions of the Nvidia Shield. The 27th update, which the manufacturer has released for the series to date, adds support for two new controllers, among other things. In particular, it concerns the new controllers that you get with the Xbox Series X  & S and PlayStation 5.

Nvidia Shield TV update

You can pair both controllers after downloading the Nvidia Shield update by pressing the appropriate buttons. If you want to use the PS5’s Dualsense controller, you have to press the PS button and share button at the same time. This activates the bluetooth mode. For the Xbox Series controller, it’s a bit simpler: all you have to do is press and hold the connect button on the top when the Shield searches for controllers.

Once connected, both current-gen controllers can be used when using Nvidia Geforce Now and all Android games that you can play on Android TV. Technically it is also possible to control your games on Google Stadia with it, but only if you have been able to install that app on the Shield (via sideloading).

This is not the only thing that the update adds. There is also support for it from now on Control4, a smart home platform. When you use that smarthome automation platform, you can now also include the Shield in your setup. You operate the media player from the Control4 app and otherwise you can use the remote control for that. You get full access to the system and all apps on it.

Finally, it is good to know that Nvidia has added the Android TV December patch. The system is now slightly more secure.

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