Nvidia introduced Upgrade 7.0 supporting Android 8.0 Oreo

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As of today, the Shield Experience Nvidia introduced Upgrade 7.0 that is available for all Nvidia Shield TV devices. This major upgrade introduces a new home screen that brings together your favorite series, movies, music, games and apps in a single screen. The update is based on Android 8.0 Oreo.

Download the Nvidia Shield Experience Upgrade 7.0

Whether the content is live TV, video on demand or locally stored movies, the new user interface on the Nvidia Shield media player has a place for everything without having to do additional actions or open apps to find your favorite content. The new home screen is easy to modify so that users always have their favorite content available. The approach of this update, which is made on the basis of Android 8.0 Oreo is thus overview and convenience.

Nvidia introduced Upgrade 7.0, At a glance the most important changes of the update:

  • Favorite Apps: Choose the apps and the ranking. Press and hold the Select button on an app to move it. To access all your apps, press the home button or select the red Apps icon
  • Play Next: Continue where you left off in your series, movies and games. To add content to Play Next, navigate to the relevant content and press and hold the Select button.
  • Channels: Discover new entertainment from your favorite apps. You choose the channels and determine the order. Navigate links on a channel to move or delete them.
  • The latest monthly security updates from Android.
  • Support for game mice at Nvidia GameStream
  • Improved support for controllers:
    • Deadzone Shield controller (Settings-> Apps-> Input viewer)
    • Xbox 360 and DualShock 4 v2 controllers
    • DualShock 4 controllers with wireless usb adapterS
  • Re-pairing Bluetooth bluetooth controllers more quickly (Settings-> Accessories)
  • You can connect to Wi-Fi without having to unplug the ethernet cable (Settings-> Network-> Ethernet)
  • General stability updates .
  • Latest firmware versions for accessories:
    • SHIELD controller (2017): v1.24
    • SHIELD controller (2015): v1.96 / 99 / 3.71 / 0.32
    • SHIELD remote control (2017): v1.33
    • SHIELD- remote control (rechargeable): v.1.30

In addition, you may discover new Amazon Prime Video content more quickly, which you can then add to your watch list more quickly. Plex has also been thought of as a media server. The app data of your server (metadata, background images and more) can now be moved to devices with USB storage. In the PLEX app, go to Settings> Plex Media Server> Storage location.