Review: Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC High-End Soundbar

Review: Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC Black Soundbar TV Speaker with Bluetooth aptX HD Soundbase for Clear Voices Supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Active Soundplate for HiFi and Music Enjoyment

Exploring the Nuances of the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC Soundbar


In our extensive soundbar comparison test, the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC stood out for its sheer size and impressive performance. This heavyweight soundbar, tipping the scales at over 30 kilograms, defies the conventional mold of soundbars and presents itself as a formidable audio powerhouse. Let’s dive into what makes the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC an exceptional addition to your audio setup.


Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC
Technical concept:3-way 2.0-channel active soundbar with bass reflex
Equipment:HT 2 x 25 mm, MT 4 x 119 mm, TT 2 x 204 mm
max. rec. Room size40 square meters
max. rec. Listening distance:4 Meter
Level stability (stereo):107 decibels
Inputs:eARC with CEC, Stereo-Cinch analog, 2 x Toslink, 2 x Cinch digital, USB-A, Bluetooth with aptX HD/Low Latency oder AAC
Outputs:Subwoofer-Out Cinch
Decoding:Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, PCM bis 192 kHz/24 Bit
Dimensions (W x H x D):120,0 x 16,8 x 40,0 cm
Weight:29,5 kg

Design and Construction

Solidity Meets Elegance

The nuPro XS-8500 RC is a visual and structural marvel. Its substantial wooden casing adds to its weight and exudes quality and solidity. It’s more than just a soundbar; it doubles as a robust base for your television, accommodating screens up to 65 inches. It is a statement piece in form and function with dimensions of 120 x 16.8 x 40 cm (W x H x D) and a price tag of 1,969 euros.

Craftsmanship is evident in the flawless paintwork and magnetic fabric panel that seamlessly follows the curvature of the front. While our test unit arrived in elegant white, the XS-8500 RC is also available in black, catering to diverse tastes.

Structurally, the soundbar features two 11.9 cm midrange drivers on each side, operating from 140 to 1,600 Hertz, complemented by 25 mm silk dome tweeters. A closer look reveals the presence of 20.4 cm diameter woofers, an uncommon feature in soundbars. These “down-firing” bass drivers, constructed from solid polypropylene, are emblematic of Nubert’s commitment to traditional hi-fi speaker construction. The speakers’ large surface area and ample housing volume allow them to perform exceptionally, even at high volumes, maintaining a consistent sound character.

The soundbar rests on tall feet with rubber cones, providing the necessary clearance for the woofers. The height of these feet plays a role in the acoustic tuning of the soundbar. Additionally, space should be left at the rear to allow the bass reflex openings, positioned in the corners, to function optimally. These openings feature radii designed to minimize flow noise.

The electronics are centered on the rear, featuring six power amplifiers that drive the 2 x 3-way construction with a total power output exceeding half a kilowatt. Connectivity options include HDMI with eARC, coaxial and optical inputs (2 each), classic stereo RCA inputs for analog devices, and a subwoofer output. Given the robust bass performance of the XS-8500 RC, the need for an additional subwoofer is likely to be infrequent.

The soundbar also offers wireless control of additional speakers, including subwoofers, and can expand into a complete Dolby Atmos home cinema setup with individual surround and height speakers. The integrated processor decodes immersive formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

Operation and Calibration

Intuitive Control and Room Calibration

The front of the XS-8500 RC features a clear display with a cursor cross for navigation, ensuring ease of operation even when the front panel is covered. The compact remote control boasts tactile buttons, including volume adjustment and assignable shortcuts. Direct buttons for inputs and Bluetooth simplify navigation, particularly in dimly lit home cinema setups.

The true potential of the XS-8500 RC is revealed through the Nubert app, which offers not only configuration options but also a room measurement feature. The “X-Room Calibration” utilizes the paired smartphone or tablet microphone to optimize sound based on room acoustics. The calibration process, involving test tone sequences and correction transfer to the soundbar’s DSP, results in better-controlled bass and reduced booming—a significant improvement, especially in typical living spaces.

For further tonal adjustments, the app provides a classic tone control for bass and treble and a manual 5-band equalizer for finer tuning.

Performance and Sound Quality

Remarkable Sound Reproduction

The XS-8500 RC boasts a sound profile that differentiates it from typical soundbars. Its immense membrane surface and generous housing volume allow it to perform with authority and precision. During our sound test, it proved to be a home cinema system in soundbar clothing.

Across a wide range of musical genres and audio recordings, the XS-8500 RC exhibited a balanced, detailed, and dynamic performance. Whether it was a rock concert, delicate jazz from Ella Fitzgerald, pop anthems from Daft Punk, or the intricate piano virtuosity of Hiromi, this soundbar handled it all with finesse. Its sound control was evident, offering a mature and well-balanced audio experience.

While the XS-8500 RC delivered a cinematic audio experience, it occasionally left us wanting a dedicated center channel for complex film soundtracks. Nevertheless, dialogue remained well-differentiated, contributing to an immersive viewing experience.

Compared to other stable soundbars from Klipsch and JBL, the XS-8500 RC may have sounded slightly less lively but compensated with superior balance and hi-fi-like performance. It effectively replaced a traditional hi-fi system while retaining soundbar functionality.

Sound Test and Sound Quality

The Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC’s true mettle shines through in its sound test and exceptional sound quality, reaffirming its status as a high-end audio powerhouse.

Balanced Sound Signature

During our rigorous sound test, it became evident that the XS-8500 RC boasts a balanced sound signature that transcends the typical limitations of soundbars. Its immense membrane surface and generous housing volume allowed it to handle diverse musical genres and audio recordings effortlessly. Whether it was the thunderous energy of a rock concert, the delicate nuances of jazz from Ella Fitzgerald, the infectious beats of Daft Punk’s pop anthems, or the intricate piano virtuosity of Hiromi, this soundbar tackled each with finesse and precision.

Dynamic Performance

The XS-8500 RC didn’t just deliver sound; it commanded the room with dynamic authority. The sheer physicality of its sound was immediately apparent. It managed to retain a poised and mature sound profile even when pushed to higher volumes, which is a testament to its well-engineered components and robust construction.

Cinematic Immersion

In the realm of home cinema, the XS-8500 RC truly excelled. It provided a cinematic audio experience that rivaled traditional home theater setups. Explosions were thunderous, dialogue remained crystal clear, and atmospheric effects enveloped the listener, creating an immersive and engaging sonic landscape.

Room Calibration’s Impact

One of the standout features of the XS-8500 RC is its room calibration capability via the “X-Room Calibration” feature in the companion app. This functionality leverages the microphone of a paired smartphone or tablet to optimize sound based on the unique acoustic characteristics of the room. The calibration process, involving test tone sequences and correction transfer to the soundbar’s DSP, yielded noticeable improvements.

After calibration, the bass response became more controlled, eliminating the tendency for boomy bass. The result was a crisper and more precise sound. This feature is particularly advantageous for users seeking room-specific sound optimization, significantly enhancing the overall listening experience.

Dialogue, Clarity, and Immersion

In cinematic contexts, dialogue clarity is paramount. The XS-8500 RC delivered well-differentiated dialogue, ensuring that spoken lines were consistently intelligible. While it may not have a dedicated center channel, the soundbar’s performance in this regard contributed to an immersive viewing experience.

Hi-Fi-Like Performance

Its ability to deliver a hi-fi-like performance sets the XS-8500 RC apart from conventional soundbars. It essentially replaces a traditional stereo system while retaining soundbar functionality. While other soundbars may require substantial digital signal processing (DSP) to compensate for the limitations of their smaller drivers, the XS-8500 RC’s substantial membrane surface and housing volume allow it to operate more freely, resulting in a mature and balanced sound profile.

Overall Sound Quality

In summary, the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC redefines the soundbar experience. Its balanced sound signature, dynamic performance, immersive cinematic audio, and the impactful effect of room calibration make it a formidable addition to any audio setup. It effortlessly transitions between musical genres, delivering a listening experience that is both refined and powerful. As a hi-fi enthusiast’s dream, it offers a compelling alternative to traditional stereo systems. The XS-8500 RC isn’t just a soundbar; it’s a testament to Nubert’s commitment to exceptional sound quality and a powerful all-rounder that elevates audio experiences to new heights.

Room Calibration and Measurements

Enhancing Sound Through Calibration

One of the standout features of the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC soundbar is its advanced room calibration capability, a testament to Nubert’s commitment to precision audio. Through the “X-Room Calibration” feature, users can harness the power of their smartphone or tablet’s microphone to optimize sound within their unique room environments. This feature marks a significant advancement in soundbar technology, as it recognizes room acoustics’ crucial role in the overall listening experience. This calibration process substantially improves audio quality by utilizing test tone sequences and transferring corrections to the soundbar’s digital signal processor (DSP).

During measurements, the XS-8500 RC showcased impressive room adaptability. Its ability to address room-specific acoustic challenges and fine-tune sound characteristics was readily apparent. Notably, the calibration process effectively attenuated booming bass frequencies, creating a crisper and more precise audio output. This feature is particularly valuable for users in typical living spaces, where room dimensions and furnishings can introduce audio anomalies. The room calibration functionality sets the XS-8500 RC apart, demonstrating a commitment to optimizing sound quality for the listener’s unique environment.

The convenience of room calibration extends to the Nubert app’s user-friendly interface. The app not only simplifies the calibration process but also offers additional tone control options for bass and treble, as well as a manual 5-band equalizer for users seeking precise sound adjustments. This comprehensive suite of tools allows listeners to fine-tune the XS-8500 RC’s performance to their personal preferences, ensuring that audio reproduction aligns with their unique tastes and room characteristics. Ultimately, including room calibration and measurement tools enhances the soundbar’s versatility and underscores Nubert’s dedication to delivering exceptional sound quality tailored to individual listening spaces.


Powerful All-Rounder

The Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC defies convention in both size and sound quality. Its imposing dimensions and solid construction make it a standout piece of audio equipment, while its audio performance rivals that of a classic stereo system. At just under 2,000 euros, it’s a high-end investment that delivers on its promise.

The XS-8500 RC’s physical presence, dynamic capabilities, balanced sound, and resolution justify its price point. It offers an immersive audio experience catering to music and cinematic soundtracks. With the option to expand the system with surround and Atmos speakers and powerful subwoofers, Nubert provides a comprehensive audio solution for discerning enthusiasts. The Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC is not just a soundbar; it’s a powerful all-rounder that redefines what a soundbar can achieve.

Advantages of the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC Soundbar:

  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: The soundbar delivers a balanced and dynamic sound profile across various musical genres and cinematic experiences, making it suitable for music enthusiasts and home theater aficionados.
  2. Room Calibration: The “X-Room Calibration” feature, facilitated by a smartphone or tablet microphone, optimizes sound based on room acoustics, significantly enhancing audio quality by addressing room-specific challenges.
  3. Solid Build and Design: With its sturdy wooden casing, flawless paintwork, and elegant aesthetics, the XS-8500 RC not only complements home decor but also doubles as a stable base for televisions, accommodating screens up to 65 inches.
  4. Dynamic Performance: The soundbar’s substantial membrane surface and robust housing volume allow it to maintain composure even at high volumes, ensuring a mature and well-balanced sound performance.
  5. Versatility and Expandability: The XS-8500 RC’s ability to wirelessly control additional speakers and expand into a complete Dolby Atmos home cinema setup, including surround and height speakers, provides users with a comprehensive audio solution for diverse entertainment needs.

Disadvantages of the Nubert nuPro XS-8500 RC Soundbar:

  1. High Price: The XS-8500 RC carries a premium price tag, placing it in the high-end audio category, which may limit accessibility for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Large and Heavy: Its substantial dimensions and weight, including over 30 kilograms, demand a dedicated and sturdy setup, potentially limiting placement options in smaller rooms.
  3. Limited Availability of Center Channel: While the soundbar excels in most audio scenarios, it lacks a dedicated center channel, which may impact the complexity and precision of film soundtracks in multi-channel setups.
  4. Complexity for Some Users: Despite its feature-rich capabilities, the extensive control options and room calibration may be overwhelming for users seeking a simpler audio solution.
  5. Limited Immersive Sound: While the XS-8500 RC delivers impressive audio, it may not provide the same level of immersive sound as a full-fledged multi-speaker home theater system, which might disappoint users seeking the ultimate surround experience.