Nubert nuBoxx speaker series: models & prices

Nubert nuBoxx speaker series has been launched. This article will give you information about the models and their prices in the market

“I’m buying an X”: The Swabian manufacturer Nubert recently announced that it would be phasing out the nuBox series – and is now sending a completely new loudspeaker line called nuBoxx into the race. At the start it consists of six different models.

Nubert nuBoxx series: technology

As before, it is a series in the lower price segment of Nubert’s oeuvre – and all of them are passive speakers. For the low-mid range, Nubert relies on polypropylene cones with a strong and quick-reacting magnetic drive. Its aerodynamic design, in conjunction with generous rear ventilation of the centering spider, should help avoid compression effects and ensure that the extra-long voice coil remains “cool” even under high continuous loads. A flexible diaphragm clamping with deep basic resonance is used to significantly increase the maximum linear stroke compared to the previous drivers in the series.

The individual models of the Nubert nuBoxx series in size comparison

A silk dome tweeter is used for the high frequency range, which is based on the nuOva chassis of the nuLine series, but has been revised. Nubert praises the harmonious tonal transition to the bass-midrange driver as well as an optimized radiation characteristic with better fine definition of the range from 7 kHz.

Nubert nuBoxx speaker series - the wall speakers

The wall speakers of the new nuBoxx series

The series consists of the wall loudspeaker nuBoxx BF-10, the compact nuBoxx B-30 and B-40, the center or multifunctional loudspeaker nuBoxx B-50 and the floorstanding speakers nuBoxx B-60 and B-70. The first models should be available from the end of July, the complete series in the course of August.

The complete specs and construction details of the new nuBoxx loudspeakers are expected to appear on Nubert’s website in two to three weeks, and pre-orders are then also possible.


  • Nubert nuBoxx BF-10: 396 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-30: 456 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-40: 556 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-50: 298 euros (each)
  • Nubert nuBox B-60: 978 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-70: 1,396 euros (pair)