Nubert nuBoxx loudspeakers: floorstanding & compact speaker series

Nubert nuBoxx loudspeakers has been launched. The seriese lunched with six different models with different specification and prices.

As we did in early June reported, the Swabian manufacturer Nubert has phased out the nuBox series and not only introduced a new “x” with the nuBoxx series, but also six new loudspeakers at once. There are now new details about the series.

Nubert nuBoxx series: technical details

Traditionally, the nuBox series has always been characterized by a particularly successful price-performance ratio. We know what we are talking about, because we tested numerous representatives of this speaker family: the floor-standing models nuBox 425 Jubilee, nuBox 513, nuBox 383 and nuBox 483 and the compact ones nuBox 325 Jubilee respectively nuBox 101. Now there should be new audiophile qualities at a consistently low price level.

The new Nubert nuBoxx B-30 and nuBoxx B-60, on the right the cone of the B-30

Responsible for this are various new designs for the housing, crossover and drivers – borrowings from the more advanced nuLine and nuVero loudspeakers included. All Nubert-nuBoxx models are equipped with the same silk fabric dome tweeter, which has a multi-layer dampened rear chamber volume and should thus produce a particularly harmonious transition to the low-mid range. At the same time, the front panel with wide dispersion sound guidance should optimize both the fine detail and the radiation characteristics above 7 kHz.

The woofers in the new nuBoxx family have polypropylene membranes and have magnetic drives that are as powerful as they are responsive. The aerodynamic design in connection with a generously designed rear ventilation of the centering spider should help avoid compression effects. Compared to the previous models, among other things, the maximum linear stroke has been increased, says Nubert.

Something has also changed in terms of design – the subtle two-tone design of the nuBoxx speakers in black / graphite or white / ice gray looks a bit more modern from our point of view than the previous, more classic veneer looks.

Nubert nuBoxx color variants

The new Nubert nuBoxx speakers are only available in two color variants – but they look timeless and discreet

According to his own statement, Nubert consistently relies on long-term stable components for the crossovers, and the connection terminal has also been optimized: Instead of bi-wiring connections that are rarely used, there are now higher-quality angled screw connections that offer banana plugs an even more secure hold and better contact surface.

In the meantime, the Nubert website offers further, exhaustive information about the new models – This way!


  • Nubert nuBoxx BF-10 wall speakers: 396 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-30 compact speaker: 456 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-40 compact speaker: 556 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-50 center speaker: 298 euros (each)
  • Nubert nuBox B-60 floorstanding loudspeakers: 976 euros (pair)
  • Nubert nuBox B-70 floorstanding loudspeakers: 1,396 euros (pair)