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Now at IKEA: new colors covers and fronts for your Symfonisk speaker

Owners of a Symfonisk bookshelf speaker provides in two different colors: red and blue.  This colorful upgrade is not expensive.
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(Image: IKEA)

It has been a year since Sonos and IKEA joined forces for a successful collaboration. The Swedish home department IKEA  provides new colors for  Symfonisk speaker came up with the Symfonisk line and let us enjoy the quality and functionality of Sonos, but at a competitive price. A downside was the lack of color. Fortunately, that is now changing.

Owners of a Symfonisk bookshelf speaker or table lamp speaker can now provide it with a different color. You can do this by means of a front (for the bookshelf) and a cover (for the table lamp). Both are available in two different colors: red and blue. This colorful upgrade is not expensive.

IKEA provides new colors for your Symfonisk speaker

The covers and covers can not only be ordered online, but also available in the store.

The Netherlands has a scoop

This colorful upgrade has been coming for a while. At the end of last year, Ikea already hinted that they were looking at other colors. At that time we expected the speakers to appear in new colors, but that is not the case. The Symfonisk line is still only available in black and white. Fortunately, you can now make more combinations thanks to the new covers and fronts.

The blue cover. (Image: IKEA)

Incidentally, the Netherlands has a scoop. According to The Verge , the Symphonic covers and faceplates are available in only a limited number of countries. Only the Netherlands is specifically mentioned in the article. Americans, for example, will have to wait a while for this colorful upgrade.

Ikea lowers price

This is not the only good news IKEA has in store for us. The Swedish housing giant has also significantly reduced the price of the Trådfri connection hub. This used to cost 32.95 euros, but can now be purchased for 24.95 euros . With the Trådfri connection hub you can connect and control smart IKEA products with a telephone or smart assistant.

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Black Symphonic speaker with blue front. (Image: IKEA)

White Symphonic speaker with red cover. (Image: IKEA)