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No! There will be no discontinuation of Samsung Galaxy Note -Rumor

Good rumored news for Samsung Galaxy Note lovers that according to a Samsung representative a new model of Galaxy Note will launch in 2021.
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Still a new Samsung Galaxy Note?

For a moment it seemed that Samsung would not release a new Galaxy Note in 2021. That turned out a rumor and later the head of the smartphone division within the South Korean company appeared to be rumored to confirm (without actually mentioning this). But now write Yonhap News that a Samsung representative has said that a new Galaxy Note is indeed on the schedule. The employee in question chose to remain anonymous as it is likely to be a sensitive issue, making monitoring very difficult.

The rumor that no Galaxy Note would appear next year was reinforced by, among other things, the idea that the manufacturer will focus more on foldable smartphones. It is also true that the upcoming Galaxy S21 line can count on S Pen support. The S Pen is the stylus that Samsung supplies with the Note line as standard. The S21 will probably be announced in January. That is also the moment when we get to see exactly what that support entails. Only the S21 Ultra may get the support talked about in the persistent rumors.

Unfortunately, the Samsung employee has not released any further details. That means that we don’t know anything about things like specifications yet. It is also not certain whether this means that we will see the last Note in 2021. It is of course also possible that the series will continue to exist. Normally, when it comes to rumors, it is already a bit of a waste of time, But when rumors contradict each other, it gets complicated. The wait is now until Samsung announces exactly what the plans are.

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