No more 8K TVs in 2023 due to new energy labels

No more 8K TVs in 2023 due to new energy labels. It is revealed as There have been quite strict restrictions since 2021

The energy labels have already been adjusted since 1 March 2021, which in many cases places televisions in the least energy-efficient categories. We also looked further ahead with regard to the new energy labels, to the changes that will take place in 2023.

There have been quite strict restrictions since 2021, but if we convert the directive of 1 March 2023, it turns out that manufacturers will have to work very hard on energy efficiency in the coming years. Especially since both 4K and 8K TVs then have to meet the same guideline and there are no longer any exceptions for OLED or micro-LED.

Screen size (inch) Maximum Power (W) for a UHD 4K or 8K TV
32 34
40 49
46 63
50 72
55 85
60 99
65 113
75 142

In comparison: An 8K TV like the Samsung 65QN900B consumes 289 Watts. An equivalent 8K model that comes on the market after March 1, 2023 may consume a maximum of 113 Watts. A 60% drop! And even then, the device still only has a G-label.

In short, it will be quite a challenge for manufacturers of premium 4K televisions and in particular 8K televisions to make televisions that are allowed to appear on the market at all. That said, these rules apply to the picture mode in which the television is shipped from the factory, which in most cases is the dynamic mode. Manufacturers could give it a twist, but are obliged to indicate that consumption is increasing when switching image mode.