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Nintendo Switch update lets you share screenshots more easily

Latest Nintendo Switch update brings more features for gamers including allowing you to take screenshot more conveniently
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An update is now available for everyone with a Nintendo Switch and a Switch Lite. The fairly bare operating system can count on a nifty addition this time, which screen shot creators are likely to be very happy with – as they can probably cancel their anonymous Twitter account now. Gamers can now share screenshots and videos via a smartphone. While the way this is done is still a little inconvenient, it is better than having to upload something to Twitter or Facebook first.

You can see how the process works in the above tweet from Nintendo of America. When you have made a screenshot and you look it up via the operating system, you will see a new button between the options. That is the button with which you send that content to your mobile phone. Then a QR code will appear that you can scan. This allows you to connect your Nintendo Switch to your smartphone. The following qr code you scan will transfer the video or screenshot from system to system.

In addition, it is possible to copy a load of screenshots and videos from your Switch or Switch Lite to your PC via USB. Although these are still not the ultimate possibilities, it is nice to see that Nintendo, about four years after the release of the console, is looking at this again.

Another cool option is the possibility that cloud saves can now be automatically synchronized between different Nintendo Switch consoles. So you no longer have to do that manually. There is also now a Treding page where you can check what your friends are playing, we find a shortcut to Switch Online on the home screen (in the menu at the bottom) and you can prioritize downloads. There are also twelve new icons to choose from, celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros.


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