Nintendo Switch receives unofficial update to Android 10

Nintendo Switch with Android 10 - It is revealed that some models of Nintendo switch are supporting Android 10 via an update provided by Switchroot team

XDA Developers writes that owners of specific models of the Nintendo Switch now can download Android 10  for their game console. The update is provided by the Switchroot team, the same team that brought Android to the Switch before. After installing it is possible to visit Google Play, which gives you access to many games, apps, emulators and video streaming services.

Nintendo Switch with Android 10

The update brings even more useful things. For example, the analog bats function a little better and should offer players more freedom when it comes to directions. In addition, there is a deep sleep mode, which lasts for weeks, and updates can be released over-the-air. In addition, there is better support for Wi-Fi networks.

However, the main reason for such projects has to do with video games. You can play games that are not available on the Nintendo Switch, but on Game Boy Advance, GameCube and Nintendo DS. All you need to do is download an emulator. You do need special game files. If you download it from the internet, then you are unfortunately very illegal. Using emulators is not illegal.

The great thing about this mod is that Android is installed on a micro-SD card and not directly on the game console. That’s why you can just keep playing your Nintendo Switch games.

The Android 10 port is also unofficial. In addition, you have to take into account that the software only works on the old Switch model; the model that still has the old processor and battery life. As a result, the Nintendo Switch Lite, for example, is out of reach. Before getting into this, be aware of the potential drawbacks. For example, it can happen that you use your Switch bricks: then you have demolished it and it no longer works. And Nintendo will not feel called upon to help you.