This Nintendo Switch accessory lets you use the console vertically

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Some Nintendo Switch games you can actually play vertically. This accessory, the Flip Grip, can make that possible your Nintendo Switch vertical. If you also find this a good idea, then you can now support the project with your money on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

With the Flip Grip you keep your Nintendo Switch vertical

On the Nintendo Switch you can play some excellent arcade games play, which you can actually play vertically best. For example, Ikaruga, Pac-man and the recently released Donkey Kong. However, positioning the console vertically does not really work as the device is designed with the horizontal orientation in mind. The Flip Grip can change this. This is a new accessory that you can rely on Kickstarter so you can effortlessly use your Switch vertically. The goal has fortunately already been achieved.

The accessory is a piece of plastic with rails on board, where you can insert the Nintendo Switch effortlessly. The makers state that there is no risk associated with the use of this accessory. As long as the Flip Grip does not give power or data to the Switch, there should also be no risk. The makers wanted to raise more than 36,000 euros via the crowdfunding platform and that has already succeeded: the counter has already gone beyond 37,000 euros. You can still support the project with an amount of at least ten euros.

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