Nintendo releases a charging dock for the Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo intends to release a charging dock for the Nintendo Switch. With this accessory you can not only put the console in a better angle, you can also load the console in the meantime – what previously was not really possible.

Charging dock for the Nintendo Switch

Although the Nintendo Switch is a nice device to To play games (at home or on the road), there is a big disadvantage: you can not charge the console when you playing and use the built-in kickstand. The idea was good in itself, but the charger can not be plugged into the usb-c port when you gaming. There are some accessories available from third-party manufacturers, but Nintendo advised against using it earlier. These accessories can damage the Nintendo game console.

That’s why it’s good that the company has now taken the time to come up with more accessories, and we do not mean those things from cardboard . There is a charging dock that you can put the Nintendo Switch on and at the same time can charge. There is no HDMI output available, so it is not a replacement for the current Switch dock (which can be purchased separately for 99 euros). In the United States, the accessories will cost $19.99 from July 13. Nothing is known yet about a Dutch release.