Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony have the same policies for online gaming

In the latest developments it is revealed that Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all have adopted the same policies for online gaming.
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Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are joining forces

It will soon not matter whether you play on a Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft console: you will have to deal with the same rules and guidelines when you play online. That is what the three large console farmers who have effect on the console market know in joint statements (a, two and three). The statements include: “Protecting players online requires a multidisciplinary approach. One that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human oversight. ” So there is borrowing on technology, moderators and also the people from the community.

Such measures are necessary as more and more games offer cross-platform multiplayer. Think of Fortnite, Apex Legends and of course Rocket League. This allows different players to play together, regardless of the hardware under their TV (PC players can also join the battle and in some cases mobile games can also participate). Such options can cause problems when each platform has its own rules. And these new principles should ensure that every gamer will soon know where they stand.

In the past, as we talk about 2017, Sony has been criticized for not wanting to participate in cross-platform gameplay while Nintendo and Microsoft already worked together. At the time, the reason given was that Sony did not want to expose its players to behavior beyond their control. As a result, players of Rocket League and Fortnite had to do with other PlayStation 4 gamers at the time. Since then, of course, a lot has changed and since then PlayStation gamers can also play games with other gamers.

The new principles are based on three ideas: prevention, cooperation and responsibility. The first idea is all about privacy: for example, players can indicate how much information they want to share with other gamers, options in the context of privacy are better promoted and they are made (more) accessible. The collaboration component is more intended for companies that provide age ratings and are responsible for online safety, in the broadest sense of the word. In any case, this applies to companies, not directly to players. Responsibility includes ideas about being transparent about rules and being able to indicate players who do not comply with the rules.

Unfortunately, the current announcement does not contain details of specific policy changes for Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. But we appreciate the solidarity towards each other, in an industry where console wars are often talked about.