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Nintendo is releasing Parental Control apps for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo like Android and iOS is going to release Manage parental control apps for better parenting keeping children safe while gaming.
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Parental Control apps for gaming: Nintendo has announced that applications for Android and iOS are coming for the Parental Controls related to the Nintendo Switch. With those apps you can, for example, set how long your children can play on the new game console.

Manage parental control apps on Android and iOS

The Nintendo Switch is the newest game console from Nintendo that will be released on March 3, 2017. The console manufacturer has announced that it is also working on an app for Android and iOS that allows parents to manage Parental Controls on the device. For example, as a parent or guardian you can set exactly how long a child can play before the play session is interrupted. When the time is up, the Switch shows a notification on screen that it will be closed – even if you are in the middle of your race pot.

Parents can then set whether the Nintendo Switch automatically goes to sleep, but can also trust that the notification is enough for their children to do something else on their own. The time limits can also be set per day. In addition, Parental Control shows how long games have been played and which games have been played. You can also block social functions and set age restrictions. All rules apply to the entire system, not just a specific profile like on Wii U.


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