The next Xbox is reportedly released in 2020 (successor Xbox One)

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If we can believe the rumors, the next Xbox will appear in 2020. This will be the successor of the Xbox One X. The project is called Scarlett internally and can trigger several Xbox devices. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not confirmed this rumor during game fair E3.

Next Xbox in 2020 – rumor

Microsoft may intend to release the next Xbox in 2020. Although Xbox boss Phil Spencer did during the last E3 presentation that work is being done behind the scenes on new Xbox hardware, the best man has not confirmed when the Xbox One X successor appears. Internally, the project is referred to as Scarlett. There may be multiple devices, so that Microsoft can make optimal use of the announced game streaming service.

Earlier rumors appeared that Microsoft wanted to release an hdmi dongle with WiFi on board, with which it would be possible to stream Xbox games to a second TV in the house. That product never came, but the idea could still live on. Because Microsoft has put a lot of time and money into backward compatibility to date, the expectation is that the next Xbox can also play games from Xbox One (and maybe further back). We are now waiting for the first information about the game console.