News: Rega Aya Loudspeakers

The English brand Rega presents the AYA speakers.
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Rega AYA loudspeakers are housed in a fiberglass reinforced concrete enclosure with REGA proprietary molding and casting

Rega’s AYA loudspeakers: REGA’s “Fiberglass Concrete” loudspeaker

Developed over ten years by a team of REGA designers led by founder Roy Gandy, AYA loudspeakers are brought to market following the REGA philosophy: each product is designed to achieve the best musical performance and provide you with listening pleasure for the whole family. Life at an affordable price. Engineering has always been at the heart of Rega Research, a company obsessed with specialist materials, tolerances, and precision.

REGA’s AYA loudspeakers are housed in a unique 100% UK-made enclosure cast in GRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement), a structure that enhances performance while offering exceptional value for money. Like natural stone, each GRC box has its characteristics.

The GRC molding process produces random micropores that greatly contribute to this box’s natural look and feel. The molding of the AYA speakers was developed in conjunction with Yeovil, Somerset, UK-based company Lazenby, known for their bespoke concrete flooring and furniture. Rega has applied for a patent for this unique molding and casting process.

The glass fibers that make up the structure reduce weight while increasing the structural integrity of the 2.5-way bandpass speaker cabinet.

Rega’s AYA loudspeakers: Designed with a new configuration in its acoustic enclosure and the arrangement of its drivers

Thanks to the combination of the new configuration of the cabinet and its drivers, the tweeter of the Rega AYA loudspeakers is located in the middle of the midrange and bass drivers. That’s why AYA loudspeakers deliver tight, precise bass, with signature Rega mids and precise, detailed highs.

The material used gives these speakers a steel-gray color. Rega’s AYA speaker grills will be supplied as an optional extra, in line with reducing waste and not wasting material from the brand, as many customers prefer not to use grilles.