New Xbox Series X controller supports iPhone and iPad

New Xbox Series X controller supports iPhone and iPad. It is first time that Xbox product will be compatible with Apple products.
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Microsoft will soon release a software update for the Xbox Series X controller. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because it offers support for iPhone and iPad. That means that you will soon be able to play games on the iPad and iPhone with the controller of the latest Xbox.

Xbox Series X controller

It’s not just about the iPad and iPhone, but also Apple TV, Mac and iPod Touch. For example, if you have a Mac running Apple Arcade, you can play with the new Xbox Series X controller. It is still unknown when exactly that is possible. It is not yet clear when the update will be rolled out exactly.

That it is possible is quite special. Xbox is from Microsoft, usually a major competitor to Apple. On the other hand, the company behind Windows seems to be taking some more steps towards Apple anyway. For example, it recently made a particular variant of Office available to users of Apple systems as opposed to those of Windows. By the way, Apple has brought that out more than this news. The information about the Xbox controller is somewhat hidden on one support page.

Apple and Microsoft

This can also have another cause. It is not the first time that Xbox controllers work in combination with Apple products. The Xbox Wireless Controller, the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Elite variant, for example. Moreover, when it comes to controllers, Apple is not only in business with Microsoft. Sony’s PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller is also compatible with Apple products. Or the new DualSense controllers developed for PlayStation 5 can also soon be used with Apple devices is still unknown.