New Velodyne subwoofers and website relaunch

New Velodyne subwoofers and website relaunch. Four sub-woofers has been relaunched initially on new website to attract customers.

New Velodyne subwoofers and website relaunch: The manufacturer Velodyne has been active for all lovers of the precisely grumbling bass for more than 40 years: They specialize in the development and manufacture of subwoofers. Now there is some news.

Velodyne Acoustics news

On the one hand, Velodyne has completely redesigned its website. The appearance is tidy and makes a high-quality impression, of course the website is fully responsive and can also be viewed well on mobile devices. The website is initially available in German and English, and other languages ​​are to be added shortly.

Cubes with depth: the four representatives of the Deep Blue series from Velodyne

Velodyne is also announcing several product launches that will be launched in the course of this year and, last but not least, will also obey the manufacturer’s own “SubController” app – such as the SPL-X series. The first is the Deep Blue subwoofer series already presented on the Velodyne page, consisting of four models of different sizes (drivers with 8, 10, 12 and 15 inches) and performance levels (300 to 450 watts RMS).

The drivers are reinforced with quadruple voice coils and double ferrite magnets, which should ensure high efficiency and pulse fidelity as well as fast rise times. The enclosures are designed to be closed and are made of solid MDF material. Level, crossover frequency and phase position can be fine-tuned.